Thursday, 9 April 2009

names: what's with them?


1. english - robber
2. thailand - teacher


1. islam - one's own faith
2. malay - a name, sharing the same meaning in islam
3. iman - (from a book) "not unless you want a daughter to be a black supermodel that throws handphone(s) at her maid."

so yeah. i think names are important. we need something to call something. but what if they don't quite mean the same thing? ok fine. i have bad examples. but i can't recall any now. i know of some more! just cannot recall. shit right? hahak.

so what name should we give my new kid sister? =S

Monday, 6 April 2009

random conversation with utter randonmess

heard of this omegle shit? here's what happened when you talk to random stranger:

You: lo
You: hahak
Stranger: 23
You: 21
You: m/f?
Stranger: 23
You: 15
You: 18
Stranger: 23
Stranger: 23
You: love u already!
Stranger: 23
You: mwah!
Stranger: 23
You: 17
Stranger: 23\
You: 23
Stranger: fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
You: love u
Stranger: you too babe
Stranger: but
You: butt?
Stranger: I want you to love me like you used to.
You: u didnt gimme a chance too
You: 2nd chance?
Stranger: I quit drinking.
You: smoking?
Stranger: I quit.
You: sleeping around?
Stranger: I can quit.
You: until u do
You: i still love u
You: love me too/
Stranger: ಥ_ಥ
Stranger: I love you
You: aww
You: i know
You: i miss u darling
Stranger: i miss you too
You: any chance? i'm ready to forgive u
You: i really miss u much
Stranger: lets do this
You: but what u's...
You: =(
You: u sure?
Stranger: Yes
You: ok
Stranger: i swear
You: on me?
Stranger: i swear on my dead mother's grave
Stranger: and on my other one's heart.
You: i believe u
You: we can do this
Stranger: i believe you do
Stranger: yes we can
You: good things are best shared
You: should we bring in more?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: because
Stranger: ZALGO COMES!
You: yes!
Stranger: WAT
You: any more honey?
Stranger: as long as balls aren't touching
You: two of us is...not enough
Stranger: bring in some of your friends
You: i will
Stranger: likke that one that does the thing
You: bring some of yours too
You: i will
Stranger: by the way
Stranger: the game

*you=me, stranger=stranger.

phuking cool ain't it?

and another: look at how i started and how it all went along...

You: hey
You: =)
Stranger: yo
You: yoyo u!
You: u are fabulous
Stranger: what up?
You: i know it!
You: i think i should take cocaine.
You: u reckon?
You: hahak
You: u from?
You: u're a fan of coldplay?
You: i know u are
You: heehee
You: madonna too right?
You: of course!
Stranger: theyre a good bad, but eh
You: i'm rambling
You: bad habit
You: =)
Stranger: s'all good where you at?
You: singapore man
You: urself?
Stranger: unites states
You: coolness
You: which part?
Stranger: right now im in vegas
Stranger: leaving soon
You: fantastic
You: where to next?
Stranger: san jose
You: not singpore?
You: been here b4?
You: u travel a lot huh
You: good for u
You: i think it's healthy
You: opens up the mind
Stranger: yes i have
You: and eyes
You: u like it here?
Stranger: im in a band. we tour a lot
Stranger: i did like it, yea
You: name?
You: u coming for the world wide festival in singapore?
Stranger: gabe
Stranger: the band is cobra starship
You: awesome name!
You: woot woot!
Stranger: not that i know about, dude.
You: yeah...
You: google it
Stranger: did you go to singfest back in 07?
You: googling is a verb now
You: nope
You: had sth on the entire week
You: fucking hate myself for missing it
You: u came?
Stranger: ahh we played there
You: awesome!
You: any plans coming again?
You: i might catch u again>
Stranger: not sure when but id say we'd def go back there
You: fab man
You: sure wanna hear u guys play
You: any myspace account?
You: i'll check it out
You: what kind of music u guys play?
Stranger: like nothing youve heard before ;)
You: most original answer
You: u have my support there
You: hahak
You: what do u play?
You: or sing?
Stranger: i sing
Stranger: and i can play bass guitar
Stranger: i shake my ass
You: u betcha
You: good music
You: ok. confession. i'm new to non-mainstream bands
Stranger: nothin wrong with that
You: been the usual geek for ages
You: only recently tryin to listen to others
You: how's the response been?
You: guess it's hot
You: taking a break now?
Stranger: its not so bad
You: =)
Stranger: we're actually on tour right now with fall out boy
You: oh. big!
You: sure to look out for u guys
You: any mv?
Stranger: awesome
Stranger: anywhat ?
You: music vids
You: well bands boys have their own way of dealing with stress. don't mind me asking, how do u handle yours?
Stranger: oh yeah dude,. check youtube
Stranger: i drink a lot
You: that's one way
You: well rambling me = bored me
You: on that note. who doesnt?
You: lol
You: well i speak as if i know u
You: but omegle does it a lot
You: so...don't wanna blame myself
You: it's the virtuality
You: and u might be going who teh fuck is this guy?
Stranger: haa yep, sorry dude, but i gotta go. the bus is rollin
You: bye man
You: best wishes!
You: rock on!
You: send my regards to your badnmates
Stranger: thanks bro
You: =)
Stranger: will do. its one of their birthdays today
Stranger: see ya

phuking shit. good shit yall!