Friday, 24 July 2009

another official

i've got another official, diary: officially bad employee selling techniques / tactics.

for phuk sake man. i don't know what the phuk to say. actually, i don't know 'how' to say it. that's more precise - knowing 'how' to say it!

i had one interview today. and i told ina and karyn about what i said. they flipped! cause apparently, i didn't say the right stuffs! i said something like "try" for the job, which according to ina is a total put off. 


man. i really got a lot to learn. A WHOLE PHUKING LOT!

Monday, 6 July 2009

if i were to be...

(a) a recording artist

if i were to be a recording artist, i want to have my songs written by people (great musicians) all over the whole and sung in as many languages and genres as i possibly can. my reason: so that everyone can be entertained!

this may seem like a domination but its not. imagine this: beyonce having her record in french, italian, chinese, malay, etc. those who can't understand her in english will get to enjoy what the song is in their own language. plus, it forms that more intimate relationship between me and those who give me their support. after all, people like those who speak their language (like the french, i am proud they're proud of their language.); it shows they love who they are.

talk about french, i wish frederic and francois can have their records in english too. yes i know it'll lose its essence and i don't want it that happen at all but i also want to understand their song. that way, they can have more people supporting them.

alternatively, i can learn french. but what if we both learn each other's language? isn't that (way) better?

(b) an actor

i have done some acting but i won't call myself an actor yet. that's cause i don't feel that i fit the role well enough. there're still many things i gotta do and learn before i'm fully prepared to be an actor.

having said that, one i gotta build up on my stamina, then my voice, learn how to sing, and dance well, and learn as many languages as i can, for reasons stated above. besides it brings in (a lot more) money.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

facebook quizzes

have you seen or done any of those quizzes on facebook?

i particularly have a certain dislike for some of them, such as "when will you die", "how long will you live", "what age will you get married", "what sign is your life partner", etc. i find them ridiculous and almost cursing.

that's just me. others might say that it's just for fun and no harm intended. but like i said, it's just me.

i'm not superstitious. but such quizzes are dehumanizing and mortalising the Great Being.

as such, i do not like them. i do get a little annoyed when i see them tho. and i wish they would stop (being created).

on the same note, i find some other quizzes just stupid in the fundamental human intellect sense. why are people doing these things? what are they doing? hahak