Saturday, 8 August 2009

between school, work, and everything in between

i am in a dilemma, again. i feel like going to school now.

i wanted to go to either of the three universities. but i fucked up. big time i think. no. i did fuck up.

and i had that reconciled: work for a year, then go to school, continue working while schooling.

but things have changed. i now wanna go to school. maybe it's because of peer pressure. unconditionally and unknowingly, my mind changed on its own. i suspect it happened when i was sleeping. =)

anyhow, i am thinking of going to a private school like itc or sim or stansfield. payment is one thing. studying. no. schooling itself is hard. i mean law? hello! 

i am also interested in advertising and pr and marketing. because it's business, and it's about creativity. i like being creative although i'm not that good at it. heehee. but i like it.

i like so many things. and i can put my mind to them. but sadly, that's a lie. i can only put my mind to some of them. others are...wishy washy iffy flippy kinda things.

like acting. i am putting my mind to it. most of it, all the time. law...uhr...that's a tuffy. english: seventy to eighty-nine percent of the time. other languages: always dream of them. you know, sometimes i wish i have this ability where i meet people from different races and i immediately talk to them in their langauge. like french to the french, german to the german, mandarin to the chinese, japanese to the japanese, etc. yeah. wouldn't that be cool!?

oh. and i'm on a movie marathon today. from the gray man to fame to taking pelham 123.

i bought a new wallet yesterday. cost me $39. and a new pair of contact lenses ($16). and 12 face masks for $11.70. then to al-majlis for dinner ($15). played cluedo. took photos with nurul, sulina and zallie. had fun.

been a long time (very long) since i last spent my friday nights. so it was good. i appreciate it. ok, gotta continue watching taking pelham 123 now. till next entry! =)