Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Fried Monty on Emerald Farm

Written & directed by Jonathan Lim

with music by Bang Wenfu

Starring Jonathan Lim, Rodney Oliveiro, Judee Tan and Dwayne Lau

2010 seems to be everyone’s anniversary, and Chestnuts wants to beat on that drum too! So come fly your flag with us as we celebrate 14 13.5 years of being Singapore’s wildest live parody show!

Jonathan and friends are back with a breathtaking bundle of sizzling spoofs, merciless musical mash-ups and Uniquely Singaporean silliness! Starring Rodney Oliveiro and introducing, from our sell-out Xmas edition, new nutters Judee Tan and Dwayne.

This year’s targets include
The Full Monty, The Karate Kid, Lady Gaga, the Twilight Saga, Ip Man 2, Emily of Emerald Hill, NDP 2010, The Pupil, Alice in Wonderland, JJ Lin, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Animal Farm, The A-Team, Boeing Boeing, Kick-Ass, Kit Chan in December Rains and Dick Lee’s Fried Rice Paradise … PLUS pink dots, blocked drains, bus-stop fights and overpriced sports packages galore!

Don’t miss :

  • Ris Low’s sister – it doesn’t get boomzier than this lor!
  • Pondan News Asia : How to Train Your Draggin’
  • Nightmare on Glee Street : “If you sing in your dreams, you sing for real…”
  • The Importance of Being Emily
  • Regulation VS Censorship : This is home, surely, as my censors tell me…

Sunday, 13 June 2010

iris murdoch's style

i notice the following motifs in iris murdoch's novel:

  1. the mistress of the marriage left and the couple reunited (failed menage-a-trois)
  2. homosexual relations
  3. a damsel in distress (female protagonist)
  4. an elderly man, who later died at the fringe of post-climax
  5. comments on god (not so much on religion)
  6. main protagonist is a male
  7. the story is around a group of elitist, usually from oxford
(the following was written on 15/06/2010)

and that is because she is exploring the motif of 'love'.