Sunday, 18 April 2010

thoughts on writing

i feel like i should write. i find it a nice feeling to write about my day or what i feel or think. there is a good feeling i get from doing this. maybe i should be a writer.

i can imagine myself typing long articles on an issue that i have a reaction for. or writing in a magazine or papers as an anonymous writer.

i may not have the maturity or grip yet but if i invest i could see results. i am quite earnest about this.

there is already a pool of writers out there. a pool of good hard-working writers. and i find that i should join that group.

i am not very good at creative writing, that is something i kinda just realised. but there are other types of writing such as academic, expository, argumentative, etc. and i can tap on that.

i feel like my genuine interest in writing has grown; and i write better now. i am more proud of my work now than how they were a few months ago.

what do you think? should i be a writer?

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