Sunday, 17 August 2008

Say what you want

It's not very hard to talk is it? Just say something and wait for a reply. In my opinion, so long as you speak, you will get a reply (though it may take a while sometimes).

And to say something, to express yourself verbally is as good as extending yourself to another person - to make a bridge in the gap, a connection to the other person or something of that sort. But be mindful of what you say. We may be living in the new world - a world of freedom of expression - but what is said will have an effect on another person.

I talk to Kent about this quite often, about telling of the person just by the way they talk. I am not a professional but have you noticed how much you can tell of a person just by the way they talk? It speaks volume doesn't it?

Yet it is improper to quickly, and hastily, make a judgement. I am guilty and I seek yours too. If there's anything we can do just by listening to them speak is to get in the same "frequency" or "wavelength" i.e. get in sync with their style. That is one of the best way to communicate to others.

I realised this also because I am studying shakespeare for an upcoming production; yes I'm gonnabe in Young Co.'s Love's Labour's Lost (by William Shakespeare) that will run from 10th to 14th Sept 2008. Tickets can be bought through Sistics. They cost $25, and $12 (students only).

Sue, my director, told me once that to study a shakespearean play (to better understand and perform the plays) is to read his lines properly; to peruse it with care. We have to be wary of all the punctuations, the verse, the vowels and consonants for they are our only guidance to understanding the play, first, then the sense of what we're saying. Essentially, we have to pay very close attention to the language. And never have I seen language being so highly praised like a reverend sport. I was simply humbled by the experience. It was overwhelming.

And to speak shakespeare is to have control of our breaths and organs of articulation. It truly is wonderful isn't it? How many people take care of the way they breathe and make the effort to pronounce the words properly i.e. without cutting corners? And the they are important too. They tell of which part of the word to stress on and which don't.

Try making the effort to say those words. They will sound more beautiful.

Love ya'll

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