Sunday, 31 August 2008

What happened yesterday

I have nothing much to say. It has been quite fine this week. Yesterday I had stomach flu (I think) or gastritis. I went through rehearsals with a painful stomach and endured for a little longer for dinner with some of the Young Co. members. I couldn't eat so I had Ice Mocha. Luckily (uhm...uhm...uhm), Gillian could not finish her mushroom soup so she gave it me. So, in the end I did eat dinner.

And I thought the pain would go away. Instead it became worse! I was practically wriggling in bed before deciding to pop two pills of antacid and 500ml of water and then head to bed. Oh yes, I had ointment applied on the stomach as well. I don't know if it would work but I pray hard it will.

This morning, I woke up feeling better at first then the pain came back. So while typing this, I am enduring a bad stomachache. Aww...

Anyhow, yesterday we had a full-run through of Love's labour's Lost; the first time since a month ago. Last time we could see the shape of the play, now we're getting the sense of the play. Isn't that good? We're bringing Shakespearean english and making it understandable to today's audience. It's a good thing. And I must thank our camaraderie for making it possible.

Oh yes, before the run through one of our cast members asked for permission if he can read a prayer to us all. I thought that was quite dramatic enough but said nothing. But what he has to say was more!

I cannot remember word for word what he said because I was trying my hardest not to laugh. But here are some of the phrases that caught my ears: "god bless our soul, our friends, our family and our spirits...", "this is a very important and last night for us all (for goodness sake it was 2pm in the afternoon and only a full-run through!)..." and "god please protect us all and bless our souls" (LOL).

After the run through nine of us went to watch the gala premiere of the Write Stuff - a national script-writing competition for those below 12-years-old. I didn't want to expect anything; sometimes it's better to be shocked or surprised. Man was I both shocked and surprised! They were really good and very creative. Who would have thought you can spoof Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs and and Nanny Mcphee into out-of-this-world original stories!

The second runner-up retold the story of Goldilocks as a selfish little girl who only had one rule for friends: "Don't touch my toys!" Joined by her friends - the hip-hop Red Riding Hood and French Puss in Boots - who taught Goldilocks a lesson about her character, I was entertained by the creativity of this 12-year-old. It was good to watch.

The second place play told the story of one of the pigs (from The Three Little Pigs) who became best friend with the wolf and how they struggled through hardships together. Pressured by his dead grandfather - who came back in spirit - and growing hunger, the wolf began to have entertaining thoughts of eating his own best friend! Yeah, typical so I won't go on anymore. The idea was cute.

The first prize went to this UWC girl. Her story was about this aunt who was put in-charge of looking after her nephew, whom she calls Dorothy, and niece, whom she calls Geraldine, while their parents were away. Their real names are Andy and Anne. Like Nanny Mcphee, she was a living hell of a babysitter but she's not magical, just eccentric. The story took a turn when the children decided to chase her away by playing loud music, since she has an aversion for loud noise. So they decided to "party" to loud music at home, thinking it will drive their aunt out of the house. However, little did they know of her excitement for dancing and music. So, annoyed by their horrible dance moves she decided to teach them a lesson - in dance! And that was how the story turned to a happy ending. Yeah I know: boring review. But I am too excited that I cannot think properly. It's not my fault I'm made this way.

I am surprised by their talents, even now. Who would have expected such beautiful stories written by twelve year olds? I feel like a cuckoo... Hahahak.

That's all I have.

Love ya'll

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