Tuesday, 31 March 2009

regrets, amongst others

i have a few regrets.

one. i wish i had been a sportsman. or athletic.

two. or a gymnast. there's gymnastics in my pri school.

three. insist on my parents sending me to dance classes. throw tantrums when they refuse. afterall, i am charming. =)

four. studied very much harder tho i know i'm not that smart. i could've made it to a better school.

five. stop being...ok maybe it's impossible. say, less? yeah. less pessimistic.

oh. i like lily allen. she's so spunky and original. some may find her offensive but i think it's they're not comfortable with her style yet.

i have to start finish reading the book i started. i need to do more of this.

be wiser.

i think i wanna take e lang and european studies at nus, assuming of course i get in.

can't wait to be in the rat race! kinda scared of it actually. but hey i gotta grow up!

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