Sunday, 20 May 2007

Popularity, Money, Power, Class, Image

I went out with Jevon and Khairul yesterday to catch Spiderman 3 at Cathay Cine. I disagree with the critics who said that the movie sucks! The show has a good balance of romance, acting, story, logic, emotions, action and animation. It's not just an animation film. There are strong underlying themes that propel the shows. Themes such as love, vengeance, friendship and sacrifice are well-explored. Even the story itself can be easily related. They pertain to our everyday lives. Does that mean we have spiderman in the neighbourhood? I think why people say that the show is "draggy" or "boring" is probably because they are more interested in the action and animation, which I cannot disagree as Spiderman is primarily an action animation show. The awesome graphics are probably what they paying for. Hahak.

After the show met Kanesh to do some shopping. He said that he needs to shop. Too bad Khairul had to leave 'cause his parents were waiting. Jevon followed us.

We went Taka. And for your knowledge I don't go Taka. Firstly, because the things sold in the shops are too expensive (way beyond my budget) and secondly, I am not brand-conscious. Neither do I keep up with the fashion scene. The best thing that I do is to be occasionally aware of updates and the design of a particular brand. At least I won't be left out when they are talking about the latest clothes or whatever stuffs. I'll go,"Yes, yes. That is nice. I prefer the design before this one though." Or," Ya, I know. I saw it at AX the other time. Oh, they have new ones now?" I don't act himbotic OK. I really know what they are talking about. It's just that I'm not an aficionado of fashion. I like to be in the know, but not that, to use an overrated word, passionate about it. What to do, unfortunately all of my friends are into fashion. And I don't want to be the black sheep.

Still, I like the clothes sold at AX, Topman, Zara, Ben Sherman and *Celio. It's not the brand I'm after, I cannot stress this enough. I am in love with the design, and it in me. The only barrier between our love is numerals on the small 2 inch by 1 inch price tag. How can numbers do this to me? I am good at math. Math is the world's gravity, I dare say that. See I even put you on such macroscopic scale. Why are you doing this to me? Why? Cannot you bestow some grace upon thee, your humble servant who slog through the complicated calculus and proving that logic reigns, if not even for a short eternity? Dost not thou recognise thy passion, thou holy mongrel! (quietly sobbing).

Nevermind lah. No point brooding over something that I cannot get, anytime soon. Maybe better luck in the future (Thou heard that?! Decline in thy values in time to come, and not escalate!).

Yup bad Shakespeare alright. Betcha those literarists out there must be fuming mad at my failed attempt to speak in Shakespearean English, mocking his good grammar and excellence in writing. Perhaps I might do him justice when I get my PhD one day. In the meantime, stick to modern English.

Watched Midsummer Night's Dream at Fort Canning later that night. The setting was perfect. The rain didn't stop the show. Instead it bowed to the fervent enthusiasm of the actors and audience who obstinately stayed. The power of the theatre. Oh, I'm in love with the stage and theatre even more. The show was a treat by someone actually. Love ya for it! I tell you...the play was magically beautiful, simply enchanting. All of the actors did justice to the play. Oh Shakespeare....thank you for your works.

Now for the serious matter. Having been in the army for three weeks and staying with people with various backgrounds, I didn't realise that I am drawing myself into a world that is out of my league. A world that I aspire to be in yet afraid to accept it now that it has come. A world of, what I would say, elitists.

The truth is that I am trying my hardest to keep up with Jevon and Kanesh; and Khairul. They do have quite a profile which they don't want others to know unless they are asked. They are my close friends in the army. I don't want to a wannabe. I want to remain true to myself. I would rather expand my own traits than to change them. Jevon and Kanesh are really nice people. We protect each others' gluts. And I like it that they don't use their assets to draw friends. But the fact remains; the three of them and I are of different leagues.

Yesterday when we went out, Kanesh spoke more to Jevon than me (Khairul had left remember?). I didn't feel left out because it's just my luck that I don't share their common friends. I really don't mind. Surprisingly, I remain cool. Betcha it's the actor in me that helps me adapt. But what set me thinking was that how did hell did I get to know these people?!

From where I am, people like them are like living miles away from us. Yet I easily make friends with them and go with the flow. Thank God I can. It's not that big of an issue to some of you but it is to me. The way I was brought up and the neighbourhood I have always been in are so different from theirs. So I have to make a conscious effort to be aware of the way I behave and talk. It's pretty cool to be invited to "high class" people party but I have only gone to one out of the many invitations. Firstly, because I'll be alone. Everyone seems to know everybody, except mua. Secondly, I might not know what they are talking about- whatever topic they are in. I can only afford to smile and laugh- like what happened at Jevon's birthday party.

These people are popular, they have money, good-looking, class and altogether power (to command authority). Where, or better still, how do I fit into this category?! Yet they accept me for who I am. They are not snotty or show-off, so unlike the perception I had before I get to know these people. I do feel lucky.

Another thing I realised when I was walking down Orchard Road yesterday. You can actually count with your fingers and toes the number of people who know how to dress appropriately. And by that I mean they know what colour, design and accessories that best suit them really well. The others who think that they look good turn out to be quite an eyesore because I think they are trying to hard. I thought I was a fashion disaster. Man was I proven wrong yesterday.

Fortunately there's someone who keeps my sanity in place. Thank you babe!
Love y'all.

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