Friday, 18 May 2007


My second book-out and I'M ALREADY MISSING TEKONG! I really love my platoon mates. They are super cool and fun bunch of people. I'm talking about the general view. There are of course one of those few jokers who will spoil the fun but once you get to know them personally, they are OK peeps! Really.

As you guys would have known May 18th is my special day. And on the night of May 17th they gave me a birthday bash that I will never ever forget! I will always remember that fateful night. OMG I'm tearing, close to burst out crying. Ok Ruzaini control your tears. You need to type. And for that you need clear vision.

May 17th, after routine order (RO)

My sergeant, Platoon Sergeant Faizal, suddenly asks the entire platoon 3 to refill their water bottles and this boy, Benjamin, to take off his shirt (Ben and I share the same birthday). The reason he gave was that he wanted to show us how to fold our clothes so that they can fit into our field-pack. And so Ben did take off his shirt. Next the PS asked him to knock it down. He threw a confused look. Nevertheless, he went down to the pumping position. The next thing he knows, everyone emptied the full water bottles on him! He was completely drenched lah. All of them, except for myself, all 40 of us emptied our water bottles on him. Really soaking him.

Then Ben got up and say,"Eh Ruzaini also birthday today leh!" In an instant 40 odd pair of eyes (including our 4 commanders) look at my direction. Just imagine the effect la hor. Piercing eyes enhancing their sinister look and cheeky grin. I gulped. "Now it's my turn," I said to myself. "Die!" I gingerly walked to the front. PS Faizal asked them to refill their water bottles again. When they all return, Platoon Commander Lo said,"Eh wait wait wait wait! No, no, no, no. Don't pour water on him." I immediately gave my widest smile. "Thank God I'm spared." Fucking hell did I speak too soon.

When we all fall in to keluar baris, those adorable minions suddenly swarmed around me, ensuring that I cannot escape and started emptying their bottles on me! It was my turn. Man was I taken by surprise. They just poured water all over me. A few of them had ice cold water from the water cooler. Ya, you're damn right. It was super cold lah. They didn't let even a small square inch of skin dry you know! Not even a small millimetre square! Water just keep pouring in and soaking me. I was helpless la, duh. The only thing I could do was to smile and laugh and enjoy getting drench. Hahak. It was super cool (pun intended)!

After all that, they all sang me a birthday song. I was so touched I almost cried. Ya I know, I'm such an emo freak. But it was cool (pun intended). Really cool. The best birthday bash I ever had. And just like that our bonds got stronger. I love them all!

And today during Arm Drill 2, the entire company was taught by he Company Sergeant Major. He taught us sedia, senang diri, rusuk senjata, turun senjata, julang senjata, hormat senjata and marching with our rifles. Man I love AD. Also I get to see more of that sergeant. Yes, the same one that I wrote about in my last entry. The only difference is that now I am no longer tongue-tight. I can speak again! Ah, thank God! Hahak. I have managed to overcome that fear thanks to that special someone who has taught me how to. I wont mention names. I think you know who you are. =)

The other difference is that I no longer made him the centre of my life, the gravity of my mood. I am more independent. =)

Influence can really warped people. I have been warped. And so have you. We have all been warped. It's a warping whoop world! Whoopy! Wee! Whay!

Tomorrow I'm going out with a few friends. Thank goodness I have money man. I can enjoy. Hahak. Current mood: euphoria! Hahak.

Ok, got to go chat online now.

Love y'all.

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