Saturday, 20 October 2007

The 4 letter Word that begins with "L"

Ladies and gentlemen, how would you feel when the person you adore say this:

"Don't say that. Of course you're part of my life. It jus frustrates me that I can't be with you at times..."

I guess I'm moving into the world that begins with the letter "L". I can't say it. It'll get me blushing. So malu! Hahak.

But I think it is. Foe one, the person is on your mind and you long for the person when the person isn't near. When you go out, you just wanna spend more time with the person; and not part. I do feel like a bitch, a tiny bit, 'cause my friends are having break-ups but I'm...

And upon mentioning of the person's name, it'll set your heart racing and pimples forming. Hormones gushing savagely.

Good thing I got a good facial wash. It keeps my break-outs at bay. It's been a good three days using it. The product shows effect. Hopefully it'll last. I don't wannabe on the hunting spree again. Too much money spent, too much energy wasted.

And songs like "My All", "My Baby You", "I Have Nothing", "The Way I Are" and "I Can't Live Without You" keep topping off your "favourite song" chart.

Ooh the feeling is overwhelming. And good. =)

Love y'all (especially you)

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