Monday, 1 October 2007

Sick, taking a break (ok or not?)

Last Saturday went out with YCP peeps for buka puasa at Waroeng (pronounced as "warong", ignore the "e") Penyet, the Bedok outlet. Damn spicy chilly. Damn good chicken. Damn little rice. Damn good Es Chendol. Mmm...mmm..mmm...mmm!

Two most controversial words: sexuality and religion.

Skirting the issue and discussing it productively is good. Otherwise, keep it inside your pocket. Too sensitive lah people. If you want, write a play about it. Send it to NAC, wait for an apporval then stage it.

I'm stressed. Thus sick. My immune system is low. Today decide to visit the doctor, again. Third time this month. I used to have a clean record you know.

And I've been having sleepless nights for the past few days, close to two weeks. Can you imagine going to work when you're shagged?! I'm sure all you working young adults would understand. Yeah, I'm feeling that.

You think that by taking the day off to visit the doctor to help me with my insomnia problem is a legitimate reason, or just another reason for me to "keng" (malinger)? I decide to do it now 'cause things are going uphill from now on.

Hari Raya coming, preparations gonna take its toll.

More productions coming up. Thank God I'm involve in a project: The West Side kampung Story. Would be up in Nov. More details later. I wanna help YCP in the prodution side. Wanna get my hands dirty on something new.

And Duty clerk (the ever emotionally draining duty).

More auditions coming up. It's the season. I found the pattern. So I want to give it my all and not deprive myself of any chances. I need that big break.

So if I don't get rid of this insomnia problem I'm gonna be sick and not be able to do the above. Damn suky. I'll feel worse then I already am.

Thank goodness D is also busy. We're both occupied but still talking. D's cool. =)

Love y'all.

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