Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Don't stop me when I'm high

I'm high. On excitement, I think that's what it is. You see the day after I published the last post I felt better.

Su- Thank you for the message you wrote on my c-box. Though we didn't speak, your reply was enough. It's good to be reassured.
Iqah- Thanks for the support.

Kent- Thank you for being there as well. =)

Speaking of whom, I spent the evening with him just now. So yes...sorry Yi Han and Aisyah for turning down our triple dinner date.

We caught up on some stuffs. Finally, had some quality time with him. You see the thing about him is that he's like a prophet-like individual. He's really strong - both morally and aurally. I feel so good being with him. He has this infectious good energy that easily diffused into you. Not that other people don't have but I don't why [it's one of those thing you can't explain but simply accept] we can click really well. He's like a soulmate. Ok people, open your mind here. I don't need more narrow-minded suakus. It's a connection. I feel so honoured to simply have known him. He's a buddy lah to put it simply.

One that's so close that - for comfort of conventialist/traditionalist - if he's a guy and I'm a girl, marrying him would be violating the cosmic rights of Nature. Not because of the platonic nature of our relationship - speaking of which I think that when the word 'platonic' is used, the word 'romance' comes closely after hence platonic t'would not be a good and apt word but it stays for now, maybe brotherly would be a good substitute, hmmm...anyway - and that it has to remain that way till like forever which like defeats the purpose of marriage [you get married to have sex what no meh?], but because marrying him would be derogatory to me as a person. It's marrying Alcmena. Hahak, for the lack of a better allusion. But apt though. Very the apt. Hahak...

I love him. No, not the romantic kind of love. It's the friendship kind of love: a kind of love that binds Man together. A kind that's the strongest of its kind. The one which I personally believe, to a large extent, forms the fundamental of all kinds of love, 'cause with friendship love forms other kinds of love e.g. romantic love. Agree?

Whatever lah eh. Me always crapping like chicken backside non-stop. I leave it as it is. So till later...

Love ya'll, =)

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