Saturday, 3 May 2008

A dumb ass talking

Physical intimacy, sex, kissing, touching and all other taboo but rudimentary subjects that make a man have genders. It's either a male or female; no two way about it. Simple, less complicating and acceptable. And it has one criterion: it cannot be done by two people of the male species.


Any other permutations would do, except for that one. Why?

I do not wish to be dogmatic but the absurdity of the exclusion compels me. As far as history is concern, boy-lovers were many among the royalties and those who've had the privelege of being in the hallmark of human history. Alexander, Phillips, Aristotle, rulers of the cultured Chinese empires have had them. Don't you want one too, it's easier to get one to you know? You've one here who's willing to give it a try. =)

And male escorts aka a more legitimate term for gigolo? The rich have them. Doesn't your innate desire to be someone great urges you, even the slightest?

If you can't be The Rich, then tweak a lil bit of their lifestyle and it's yours. I think we had a math prodigy doing that somewhere in the world (a math prodigy, oh goodness!).

And let's not forget our star. Having had to endure those 10 hours with 251 men pounding on you, man! that takes power and courage. Some would say she's stupid, idiotic and crazy. But what do they know? Were they from one of the elite schools in Singapore and a lawyer, trained in UK, brought up in a strict and astute Christian background?

And models who are good at one thing - giving gorgeous pictures in a flash. Though I cannot but recall reading somewhere and meeting people some time who have more than simply looks. Their brains are just as gorgeous. Tyra, Sharon Stone, Scarlett. Ok, let's bring down the scale to the size of a red dot on a globe. How many models have brains? Jaymee, Lilin, Utt, Nadia, Michelle Chia and Chong, Zoe, ...

Nah...but then again, it's different. People have class, and they are classified. Certain behaviours and mindset can only be applied to certain people and only certain people have those mindset and behaviours. Not all will be given and have equal rights. We need gas and carbon and they need to suffer. We need to live they have to die. They need to be in poverty so that we can have our luxurious life. It's just fair isn't it? A balance. A right balance. Right Murphy? =)

Sometimes I find it better not telling. Other times I wish that people would think, better.

Love ya'll

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