Monday, 26 November 2007

A Comeback

You know how some people "died", as in the fugurative sense, and made a comeback? Well I used to think that it was overrated until now. OMG! I can blog again!

It's been a very long while. so i dun think i'm gonna bother abt my capital letter at the beginning kinda shit. it's past history. this is the new english. accept it.

goodnesss...eversince my freaking comp contracted avian flu or just died on me! it just died on me lah! fucking hell sak. really annoyingly frustrating hellish mongrel son a bitchy bastard gunny bitch bitch! i couldn't blog...

now why the hell am i so into the fact tht i cannot blog? well course this blog is my outlet for most of the crap tht's gg on in my life. it's a channel where frustrations and good news are spread. my news lah of course. blog abt other people for wht sak. it's not like they dun have a blog of their own.

oh my goodness this is like better than sex lah. it's beyond orgasmic. it's subliminal! and i have all these creative ideas tht i cant pen down...hey i am creative ok. in my own kinda way. pretty much like izie from grey's anatomy kinda hardcore. not christina yang kinda get me? if you dun. then it's ur loss. who asked you to not watch grey's anatomy. there are so many life issues u can draw from watching it. all very the pertinent.

first i'd like to bitch abt ma'am balwant. she is this person who likes to nag and nag and nag and nag and make so much noise tht i swear one day my ears will literally bleed. she's such a petty old woman who prolly doesnt know when to shut up or have lost some form of humanity or sth. my goodness i tell u...she can continue talking, no make tht harping, on an issue for hours non-stop! she's forever talking. and damn irritating. really damn irritating. we all bitch abt her. all the nsfs. she's bitchable. omg...and when she put on this australian-slash-american-slash-british-slash-irish-slash-french-slash-german-slash-slash-singaporean-slash-god knows what accent, thinking it makes her sound more eyes can roll 360 and pop out! and with the accent comes the poses. the supposed sexy menaquin poses. she's eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

god i wanna slash her into pieces and tape her mouth a few million times. then throw her in a dungeon and lock the doors and throw away the keys. she's getting on my nerves. no make tht everyone's nerves. everyone in th office tht is.

secondly, i finally manage to catch cars the animated series.'s so fun and best lah. like so the va-va-vroom kind. it's so good. for all ages. from the young schumacher wannabe to the old politician, it covers tht wide an age group. it made me feel like a kid again. and see things from a different light. it's like i've been born again. with stickers onto me to make me look beautiful and gorgeous. hahak. pelez...i'm already an atas diva. adding more stuff will destroy my beauty.

pls pls pls people READ! here are some books you might wanna pick up and r ead: nuns and soldiers and under the net. both by iris murdoch. and also all the margaret atwood books u can find in singapore - which is actually very little. abt 30% only. no kidding. i did the math. pathetic right singapore?

under the net, the book tht i'm reading now, is basically abt languages. omg...u can like immediately feel smarter just by reading the book. and of course when u feel smarter, u will eventually become smarter. we all shud be like the 294 girl. i think she'll top tht chart for centuries to come lah. crazy sia. 294??? it's totally insane. she's insane. she just need to cross tht fine line before she can be safely deemed as insane. right now she's very very very close to line, on the genius side. heh. dont be angry. i not saying anything. just complimenting only. hehehehehehe.

and oh i watched the pillowman. omg, omg, omg. great, awesome, wonderful, impactful, intensive, subliminal, powerful play. i was blown away sak. martin macdonagh shud be a celebrated writer. it's no wonder the pillowman is the olivier winner for best play in 2004. the plot was the finest u can fine anywhere. thank u SRT for staging it. i must say tht personally i like the character michal plyed by michael corbidge - who's the associate director of SRT and the artistic director for the young company. michal is spastic. so tht makes him endearing. i was totally drawn into the character. and here's the best part: when michael corbidge came on stage, i really thot he was spastic. he's embodiment of the character was so great lah. he sure did justice to michal, as in the character, and the play. before he came on...i was thinking in my mind how is michael gonna play michal when u have so little room to play with. damn i was wrong. i was so wrong. kudos michael. i love u. u're my next hero!!!

and i've been dating of course. haiya i think i'm gonnabe asexual lah. i dun seem to be attracted to girls. now even gman dun turn me on. only str8 ones does. u know wht tht means. i'm in deep crap! like seriously man. first, it's impossible tht me and those str8 men gonnabe bfs. 2ndly, there's no secondly! the first rule trumps all. so wht do i do? i become their good friends. yeah sure i wont tell them i like them u crazy bitches. they'll flip and i g'll get shun lah. duh. so no no no no no no telling them. just befren them. and try to get closer. after all, frenship last longer than romantic relationship. the latter will fade when the affestion and attraction subsides. sighs...but dun worry. i'm keping it platonis. platonic. it's a good word. it's an apt word. i like the word. no love it. adore it. no matter how fucking painful it is to live by the truth. but the truth hurts. so feel pain. then move on. fuck. tht's so much, so so so so so much easier said than done. how? how? how to tell this guy tht i like him? he's so str8 lah. str8 as the eiffel tower can be. omg, i cant believe i use sth tht looks like a phallic symbol to descride. tho i must say it's apt to use it. but no no no. lusting can. touching no. dilemma. totally. damn yall. damn.

life's a bitch. yes it's a persona. i'm making it tangible. coz by doing so i'm stripping it of its powers. i can now see it and touch it. so tht means i can inflict pain to it just like how it has done so to0 me. in this world, being vindictive is a survival tool. it's a dog eat dof world. see even the common proverbial phrase uses canine. can't blame me for calling life a bitch. coz it, no she's one. hahahahak. i am in control of it. yeah yeah whteva wit the whole "destiny" and "fate" thing. if u can change ur fate, hell the paradox says for itself. it means ur current "fate" is not ur true fate. it's ur made up fate. u just lied to urself. delude urself. make urself believe tht its real when the truth is tht it's otherwise. dun understand? go figure.

now to blog abt benji. benji is this guy whom i met earlier this year. he's swet and sensitive. but then again, which men aren't for the first few times u guys meet? but not benji. benji is genuinely a nice person. i did love him but it's not reciprocated. damn u monkey! but it's cool. hey i cried, or rather i wallow in sadness when he left for australia to see his family. and when he came back and told me tht he has's like my world can finally spin on its own axis. pathetic right? shut up. so i did try to work sth out wit him. but he being the older, hence more experience said tht it wud never be possible between us. well he did try to get me a few times but i was dating some other people. i guess he finally decides to stop trying cause i keep turning him. and when i finally want him, i got dump. serve me right. i'm a loser anyway. hahak. so i always lose lor. simple bah? so we're now frens. i do confide in him on certain things. and he did say he didnt have a best fren in s'pore. i dun ind filling in tht post. aftre all, wud tht mean i'll forever be in his life, just skirting outside the sex-kissing-touching circle part of his life. cool kan?

and i'm so sorry izzy, astri and syaza for standig up on our night out together. i had other stuff to do. i mean they asked me out first lah. but sth last minute came up and i had to switch priority. well...i'm sure my status as their bestie wud have dropped to prolly acquantance but wht to do? it's my punishment for doing wht i did. and i know tht no matter how hard i try to say sorry, it will still not change the fact tht i stood up our date. i dun have a golden compass u know tht can turn back time.

speaking of which, i wanna watch the golden compass. i think it's gonnabe a good show ah. got nicole kidman favourite actress. damn she's so good! i love her to bits! ok so i had to do the 14-yr-old girl thing kinda description to get my point across. so wht? i got my point across. and tht's the point. =)

and also stardust. i am legend. for plays....oh ya come and support yazid jalil from YCP in I,Bose which will run on the 8th and 9th of Dec at the substation. tickets cost $20. and can be bought at the guiness counter, which is at the substation counter. ok fine so i did publicise abt others...big deal. it's not like i aint human: fickle and imperfect. sish...

as for my play, or rather the play tht i'll be'll be on the 19th of JAN 2008! it's a double bill for the world aids day. come and root for me aigt? it'll be at the tampines east cc at 7.30pm. tickets...i'll keep u updated on tht one. =)

omg...i sure blog on a lot of stuffs right? cant help it if i like to write. and so filled with ideas. it's just me. dun be jealous. cant believe i was typing zealously lah...hahahak. tht's it for now people. till later. ciao!

Love ya'll

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