Tuesday, 7 August 2007


With the lost of his political party, LDP, in a recent election (37 out of 221 seats) Japan's PM Shinzo Abe is said to step down form his position. Ha has to quit. Note the word "has."

"Has" here implies he is obliged. He must, you can say. I don't quite care about his status. I'm more bothered by the word "has". Like...wtf sak? Japan is a democratic country. Think of another democratic country (hint: it starts with the dollar as the first letter).

But he aint gonna. I read in the papers two days ago. He said that he is staying and he will materialize his dream of making "beautiful Japan." With all due respect sir...things isn't looking that beautiful in Japan. (Damn he is one stubborn man.)

Your fellow colleagues are mad at you for going against tradition. Your people wants you out. And you have stepped on toes. Abis (informal malay spelling for finish).

If there's one thing I learn from my nineteen years of living is that we should not step on others' toes. The pain will take forever to subside. But then again, I'm sure you know better.

Mr Abe has become like a celebrity. His downfall is apparently one of the major events in the history of Japanese's politics. Everyone in the press loves him. His stories are reported almost everyday in The Straits Times. I'm getting tired of it though...still, people need to make money.

Now let's look at other "Abe-s" in the region.

Abe 1: Malaysia's PM (sorry I just cannot recall his name)
His Abe: Claiming that Malaysia is an Islamic, not a secular state. Many non-muslims in the country are in rage by his comments. Sir, I don't think it's a bright move. I don't think we'll be seeing "beautiful (Malaysia)" anytime soon.

Abe 2: Thaksin Shinawat (Thailand's ex-PM) (vice versa also can lah)
His Abe: A once popular man in the politics, now condemned by people and colleagues for corruption. Remains in the politics still but under a different party. A neutral one.

Somehow hearing about these horror stories of corruption make me feel fortunate to be in Singapore. At least the number of corruption cases here is quite low. And, in the words of MM Lee: The Cabinet is as Good as it gets. I feel thankful, yet a little scared.

Despite being a democratic country, it's impossible to have a totally democratic country. "Big Brother is watching you" is one of the most haunting lines.

Mr Abe's failure is like a warning to all of us. Your leader maybe well-liked and popular but does he have integrity? It's hard to measure a man. You may not know what is behind that smile.

Even the most loving couple will have a lil bit of crack in their relationship due to infedility. Think Lynette and Gaby from Desperate Housewife.

Yet his stubborn attitude to stay in politics tells that he is sincere. And to show, not exactly prove, that he will change for the better he sacked some key people in his Cabinet that has caused to his downfall. He will choose his new Cabinet ministers personally. It is also a way of telling others that he is sorry.

Well Mr Abe, I admire your courage and obstinate behaviour. I mean you dare to go against tradition. That is wow! Japanese are afterall well-known as one of the few people who firmly holds onto their customs. I pray that you'll face these adversities with courage and determination.

And regardless of what happen to you, Japan is, and will be, a beautiful country...

Love y'all

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