Sunday, 5 August 2007

Squeeze. Squeeze. Cum. Cum.

Sex is a funny thing. If it's consensual and legitimate, it feels good. If it's consensual but not legitimate, it feels good yet wrong. If its neither consensual nor legitimate, it feels bad and wrong.

Sex becomes permissible when a couple is married, at least that's what the Islamic law states. Even more so, it's encourage; as procreation expands the population. However, I believe it's not the procreation that Islam strives for. On a more fundamental level, I think it's more symbolic of a union - a union of two entities on a basis of love. Something very the profound...

And if that is the case, then the following argument would be who are the "two entities". Traditionally, it would be a man and a woman - as how it all began: Adam and Eve conceives to procreate. Then something grotesque hit me. If Adam and Eve are the first two humans to be made, does it mean that their children...?

If that is the case then it would mean incest was legitimate, before down came another prophecy that states it was sinful (probably after a few thousands years where siblings become strangers).

I am not preaching or challenging anything or anyone. I am merely putting up a view.

But now, things are getting a bit...well fine...a lot more complicated. A new gender has come to face, which I believe began from a mutation of genes due to wars. The conflicts that fuelled the many wars that had happened has changed a person's mind thus influencing a change in the genes - its structure and stuff.

This is based on modern findings that stress can release/alter certain chemical like hormones which causes acnes/pimples, or even hallucination - you start seeing things cause maybe a chemical was released to your eyes that allows you to view images. I don't know. Freud and Jung didn't explain. They merely say that it's something psychological (what men of science they are!).

Or make you do something crazy and feels right cause you believed it's right. As a science student, I think it's the chemistry of the brain. I highly suspect so. Nothing is mythical. Everything can be proven by science! Yay. Hurray! Go scientific industry! Go government, pumped more money into this sector. It's hungry for more! Go! Go! Go!

Anyway (sorry to digress), in the line of Darwin's theory of evolution, Man was initially a Fish - or whatever the use to call the kind of creatures who live under water. And as years go by, He starts to evolve to learn how to live on land - a totally different environment. This simply means Man knows how to evolve and adapt accordingly. It's an innate characteristic.

The same can be said about Nepalese, Eskimos and !Kung Bushmen.

So with all this examples it all boils down to one thing - nothing was ever carved in stone in the first place. "Change is constant."

If the religious laws can be altered, or rather, further assessed to adjust to the changing context of human society and that even cynics can have that basic ability to change (though slow but still) when time calls for it, I'm positive that one day people like me will nicely be weaved back into the society - free from any stigmas and prejudice. If the whites can do it to the blacks, I see why cannot the yellow, white, tan, caramel, black, brown do the same.

Hey even Jezebels get second chances ok!

My only concern is that the change is taking place quite slowly, as how it has always been. I mean come on, we need to catch up with the era of colour tv, pagers, handphones, computers, laptops, pda, flat screens, Nintendo, PS, PS2, PSP, ipod, Creative, Internet, broadband, wireless, MIO.

(I thought that as time passes and Man's concern with the lack of time, He would want to change faster as well. Guess some things need more time to see changes to the change itself. Haiz...)

We should keep in pace with the evolving technological sector and not lag behind. Singapore is all about forward thinking. Not backwards. About being a leader, though sometimes ineffective, but most of the time is, so the ineffectiveness gets quickly covered (go find your own egs).

About being the first in anything and everything - even if it's something lame (think floating platform, most number of people folding hearts, biggest Ferris wheel, most number of people doing sign language on national day, having one of the greatest porn star).

So back to my initial subject: sex. I guess that one day the "two entities" would not be restricted to a man and a woman. That sex would be permissible and legitimate to whoever wants it, keeping the condition that it's consensual. 'Cause otherwise we'll have rapists going around town unpunished. Now that's wrong and unlawful.

The important element here is "consensual." Having said that I would then say that promiscuity is ok. Just wear your glove guys. Danial Reeds does it and look where it got him: the CEO of Mode! Wtf?! That's one very valuable lesson we all can take from.

Love transcends all boundaries. Love is beautiful. Love is pure. Love is pristine. Love is real. Love is omnipresent. Only if it's trully true - right down to its core (and that's hard to get to by the way).

Love...funny it's the Singapore word but I guess with much animosity brewing, it's no wonder love becomes the favourite word. It's what we all (regardless of race, language, religion, skin colour, place) long lor...

Love ya'll

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