Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Thank you

Why do people say "thank you"? Especially Singaporeans. Seriously, I don't know. It's like pointless what. I mean Singaporeans got very the considerate and polite meh? We are kanchiong - always rushing for everything that we wanna do.

We push and shove others while boarding the bus so that we can grab that empty seat. We rush to the market in the morning so that we can get that fresh fish. Yes it's basic Singaporean survival kill. But if we are like the Australians, Canadians or French all of us would not be wasting our money on health products.

We buy this product lah, that product lah just so that we can look youthful, radiant and healthy when we ourselves are robbing our own youth. That's why the French thrive on Asians: L'Oreal is very popular for this kinda thing. Look at what it does to Gong Li's skin. And Garnier to Zhang Ziyi's.

Realise the ambassadors are from the country whose lifestyle is rather fast paced? Tsk tsk tsk.

It's because it's polite. It's because it's right. It's because it's instinctive.

Yep, instinctive. Like breathing. You don't control your inhale and exhale. Ok fine so you do. But not consciously. All happen through the subconscious control of our muscles.

But saying thank you isn't good enough. You have to mean it for it to have weight. For it to have purpose. For it to be polite, right and nice. The intention plays a part. No intention then it'll be as good as merely words.

Words have no meaning. Man - humans - give words their meanings. Words thus have their purpose.

For eg: "Iran" - I ran away from the world cause it's not allowing me to test my nuclear power like Invisible girl from Fantastic. How come Americans accept her but not me?

"Holocaust": That chamber is not hollow cause it's filled with red ironed water.

"Woman/women": I was thinking that since we refer to humans in general as Man, then maybe women are men with womb. That way it makes sense why even women are referred to as Man.

I saw this poster: "Envy - blowing out the other person's candle will not make yours shine any brighter." Not quite true when there're only two candles. With the other one extinguished, albeit being the only one left your candle will inevitably seems brighter. But you'll be left alone. So don't knock down your competitors, you'll win miserably.

Thank you for your time!

Love y'all

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