Sunday, 12 August 2007

Vacation's out. Period's back.

It sucks to have "period." By period I don't mean I have mensus. By period I mean I'm facing the behavioural pattern of women having PMS (pre-, present-, post-MS).

Like I don't get it lah. I'm more health conscious now, fuck. I drink milk, take yogurt, exercise regularly (thrice a week run), short yoga sessions alone, I buy facial product that will supposedly help the condition of my troubled skin yet I'm feeling sickly - as if I have Aids/leukemia/TB/cancer/some mental problem.

My feet has rashes (how the fuck I got them I don't know; ask fuck). I'm having more breakouts - if I show you a pict, you'll freaked out so better don't I need readers - I have low self-esteem, by back aches like errgh..., I have muscles aches.

Maybe I have aedes, since I get come back from Malaysia for a short holiday. The mosquitoes there must have had a nice spread of buffet being served to them (I am big size so bigger area to feed on) without me knowing. I do have a few moquito bites. How would I know I have Aedes. Oh ya, and sore throat. So you think I have Dengue?
I decide to not blog about my vacation cause it's too long. And I cant recall important details. That's me lah. I don't like to remember these kinda things. Hahak. Sorry peeps.
The only thing I wanna say is that WE SHOULD HAVE GONE TO KL AND LEMME SHOP TILL I DROP DEAD FROM EXHAUSTION. PJ is for the govt peeps. So the clothes were plain and expensive. I can so buy them from here lah.
But I'm kinda betta now, as in psychologically. I have someone...Hahak. So I'm in the zen zone. So far I'm not affected by any sai kangs. Period's back but I manage to keep it at bay. Hopefully it'll stay there for some time...
Love y'all

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