Saturday, 7 July 2007

Going Green

Today is "Save the World Day". While the motive of this effort is to protect the environment, the outcome is otherwise. I won't talk about this. Everyone knows about it anyway.

But seriously, I think such massive effort to spread the message has come a little bit too late. What happened to learning from past mistakes and acting before a potential disaster strikes? Apparently, history can repeat itself despite our best attempt to avoid it. Now the Earth is almost at the verge of extinction. I'm not being pessimistic. It's true right? Perhaps now we finally realise how inhumane we have become. Not to mention how un-formidable (to coin an un-English term) we actually are. =)

Like the rest of the World, I am also going green- WITH ENVY! Bloody hell, Rihanna is 19 ok. Freaking teenager. 19 years old! 19. 19. 19. 19! 19! That's 1-9. One, nine= nineteen! Wanna know who else is nineteen (19). ME! I don't care about the other nineteen year olds. (This is where you'll go FUCKING CEBAITIC BITCHY BASTARD! MONGREL!)

My response: bluek!

She is living the life. Unlike me; us (fine whatever- roll eyes). Hahak. What a day I tell you. What a day! She is so blessed. A life deserve to be envied, wouldn't you agree? It's her luck I must say. The only thing that I fear is that she'll lose herself and be like Britney Spears. If like Christina then can. It's better. So please Rihanna fans, pray for her welfare and good future! You go girl "under the Umbrella"! Hahak.

Love y'all

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