Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Grey Areas

I guess sometimes it's hard to understand what people are saying. They could say one thing but mean another, and vice versa. And the best part is that the true intention didn't get across. Only the supposed one does. Dangerous don't you think?

We all talk. We talk to our friends, families and cousins and strangers even. Talking is our mode of survival. We feel like dying if we don't talk. This is why I believe we even talk to ourselves when there's no one to talk to. We have to talk. We must talk. So we talk.

But when we're talking, are we aware of what is being said? You know, when you say that "George Bush is a bastard and Saddam Hussein is a terrorist", do you know what you are talking about? Where's the evidence to show that they are such people? The newspapers. TV. Word of mouth lor. They say one ma.

This is where we get our evidence- from other sources, be it primary, secondary or tertiary. We need these sources to provide us with subjects to talk about. But these evidences, are they reliable?

The liberation we get to say what we want and how we want it said is fuelled by our basic need of being appreciated. So it's not exactly a big deal to hype the newly imposed law of "free speech" when the truth is that we are actually given what is ours in the first place. We feel appreciated when we are acknowledged. Trust me being a clerk that does a lot of sai kang makes you feel overused and underappreciated; like the "comfort women" during war times.

Those men just wanna have sex. Their dicks are fucking itchy and they are in need of ejaculation. The mechanism in their brain that controls their sex drive has been destroyed by the war, by the grotesque nature of such massacre- killing those whom are deemed as enemies without realising that the same term is being used on them by the other party (bodoh right?)- and now they have to release that tensions by rubbing their cocks in some women's vagina to feel pleasure.

The kind of pleasure and bliss they are longing for. That's my take lah, you are free to choose what you want to think.

So whenever they are feeling horny- a very obvious sign to show that the evil within has come out (so who's the evil one here?)- they just grabbed a woman, stripped her naked, stick their hard muscles into the vagina, rubbed it a few times to give that sense of pleasure, make a few "oohs and ahs" (sounds of pain become sounds of pleasure and arousal), released their cum, jerked her a few times more so that she can feel more pain while they escalate their last moment of pleasure, and get dressed when their done. 5 minutes up.

5 minutes of pain. 5 minutes of pleasure. 5 minutes. And a lifetime of horror and a scar that run so deep that even a lifetime, and beyond, of apologies won't do any good.

You think it was "comfortable"? The term "comfort women" are used by the men. The women are not their source of comfort. Where's the comfort in pain?

Where's the comfort in knowing that you have done something right when children and women are dying at the hands of men? Men who claimed and swore that they will take care of their women and children? Men who promised to make the world a better place? Men who claimed to be heroes?

Where's the comfort when you have caused a family to be torn apart? Brothers going against each other? Men fighting men who are protecting their families? Two men fighting the same war, the same battle, for the same "good" cause but on different sides? Men who would kill their own kind for their own survival? Where's the peace and harmony that these men, these protectors, these heroes, promised to bring?

All I have seen for the past years are more blood dripping onto the same Earth I'm stepping on. The same earth that I'm living in. The same "house" that I'm in. What is this? Can anyone please enlighten me with what they are saying? Oh I'm sorry I forgot. No one understands what that word means. Sish, how stupid can I be? Hahak.

And so we talk. We find something to talk about when we come across an article in the newspaper/TV/word of mouth that is worth talking about and talk to other people. "Sharing our views" so to speak, pretty much like what I'm doing.

But sometimes we find some things worth talking about but decide to not say anything about it because there isn't a need to. There is no need to say that Angelina and Brad are moving to Berlin to protect their child from the paparazzi. There's no need to say that Nicole Ritchie/Lindsy Lohan/ Tyra Banks is anorexic. There's no need to say that Saddam is a terrorist because the ones who are calling him that are one themselves. There isn't a need to say that George is a bastard because he isn't. It's merely a view. It's afterall effusive, permissible by our rights to "free speech".

Hitler's fascism manner drove Germany's economy up. Singapore's democratic way of governance has allowed us to live in peace and harmony; and prospering. Malaysia's claim to be an "Islamic state" is merely a claim of formality and doesn't entail any intentions to stir up the public. And the "Civilization Islam" that many Islamic countries strive just needs a few tweaks to get back on the right path; or even an English teacher to educate them on vocabulary.

So we talk. We hear, and listen and read and talk. But sometimes we have to realise the grey areas that is expanding exponentially. People are getting smarter. They know how to manipulate things to make it look good though it's not so good. They are more experienced in playing the game of life and understanding of the rules. They can con you if you are not careful. If you remain resistant, then you're a dumbass. If you're too receptive, you're naive.

You have to be smart(er) now. And alert. The grey areas- a common metaphor for something bleak and impending doom- are becoming rampant. There's no more light. Forget about the phrase "light at the end of a tunnel"- that's for cavemen. The world is undeniably coming to an end. Find your way through the fog/haze. Train your other senses. Hasn't the "Children of Men", "Munich", "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "Frankenstein" teach you anything?

Even the Harry Potter series, "The Chronicles of Narnia" series and "Transformers" are very telling signs that we are living in darkness- great fantasies happen when we are sleeping!

Love y'all

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