Friday, 6 July 2007

Same old, same old

Last Wednesday was ayah's birthday. We, rather it was ibu who, decided that we should celebrate it. As usual, we had a hard time choosing the place where we wanna eat. Finally, we went to the food centre at East Coast- the place I suggested (ehem ehem). The food was awesome! We had Kailan Belacan, BBQ stingray, Tom Yam Soup, satay (chicken, mutton, babat),and Fried Chilli Sotong; with plain rice. Man did I eat a lot! Like a lot lah. Never ate so much before. I was super full but content. =) Thank you ibu and ayah for paying! Hahak.

The next day, went running after work with Alfred. Alfred is my upper study. He is cool and a fun person to be around with. He is often jovial. He made learning easy and worthwhile.

We ran almost half round the entire camp. It was exhausting lah, duh! But worth it. I plan to run like ever day but today I didn't. Too tired from yesterday's and last Tuesday's run, and late nights.

(note: late night means anytime after 11pm)

I can't get enough sleep. Apparently, six hours of sleep isn't enough. So everytime at work I'll be drowsy and trying my hardest to keep myself awake. I yawned a lot whenever Alfred is explaining something. Damn rude lah I tell you. It's like telling Alfred that "you are boring, can you please shut up so that I can sleep?" Cebai right? So sorry Alfred! =(

I'm getting use to my new job. I won't deny that I am still having difficulty knowing who and who in the school but I'm learning. =) And I think that's more important.

I've just finished this book "Teach yourself Correct English." I know you must be asking why am I reading such ridiculous book at this age, right? Even if you're not I believe you'll eventually be, soon. Well basically to recap what I have learnt. Army is robbing m of my basic rules of grammar. Do you guys know that "ain't" is a colloquial term thus can be used rather freely. It's not a contraction for "am not".

That's pretty much it.

Love y'all

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