Saturday, 30 June 2007

Check this out...if you're bored

My personal favourites from the Men's:

1. Alessandro Dell'Acqua

2. Bottega Veneta (most of them)

3. Calvin Klein Collection (the suits and beige collection only)

4. Costume National (pants, and one particular model slide 14)

5. D&G (models, esp 14, tops, horrible footwear)

6. Dolce & Gabbana (some- the non-business wear)

7. Dsquared (the caual wear, bags, models, slip on shoes)

8. Emporio Armani (the non-showing belly ones, bags, cardigans, model 45, slide 55, model 65, top in slide 67 and 68, slide 74 to 83, 90 to 103)

9. Giorgio Armani (slide 5 to 7 and 27, accessories and collarless tops, pants of slide 67)

10.Gucci (everything- down to accessories, espeially model of slide 15 and 23)

*11.Hermes (it spells me! my knida style!)

12.John Galliano (the entire collection plus the models! do they come with the models?)


14.Louis Vuitton (slide 14, 17, 29, 49, 54)

15.Marni (minus the ridiculous hat)

*16.Moschino (it spells me! my kinda style! and model 13 and 33 are cute)

*17.Paul Smith (slides 40-4,51, 59-64)

18.Raf Simons (different, interesting, eccentric)

19.Roberto Caxalli

20.Salvatore Ferragamo (slide 4,8,11,13,18-23,34,34,40)


*22.Versace (needless to say)

I find solace in the way designers piece together their collection.

Love y'all

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