Thursday, 14 June 2007

Things that keep me grounded

My imperfections:
  1. My head is small, my body is big. Therefore I look interesting- beautiful (not being irreverent).
  2. My arms look skeletal when I walk (noticed it in the mirror recently).
  3. I have a tummy; flabs- cellulite strongly glued around my waist.
  4. My face isn't baby-smooth.
  5. My ears are quite big.
  6. I'm a sloucher, as a result of practising bad sitting posture and that people around me are not as tall.
  7. My hands are big so I look weird when placing them on my face.
  8. I'm quite schizo, erratic lah to use a better term.

My blessings:

  1. I have close friends who understand me, better than my parents do.
  2. I have money so I can live (shopping forms a major part of it), and no longer survive.
  3. I have my own space, despite sharing a room with my brother. He has come to understand the need and importance of keeping the room tidy, giving me my personal space and being more mature and resposible.
  4. I can tell stories and be tactful.
  5. I have a home.
  6. My life is rather stable; I am in control.
  7. I got into a school: Chem and BioChem at NTU.

My wants:

  1. To be recognised as an actor, and not a himbo.
  2. To be known as a good person.
  3. To have my own place at Bukit Timah.
  4. To travel extensively, Paris Hilton style.
  5. To make my parents happy and worry-free for most part of their lives.
  6. To meet great people and have a conversation with them.
  7. To know that I'm always with Him.

Love y'all

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