Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Money can 'buy' opportunities

I had a talk with Shahrin the other time over dinner. He's s great guy: smart, intelligent, talkative, insightful and mature (well he is going to be thirty next year). And he made me reconsider the plans that I have made in the future, especially what the ones I have when I enter university.

I told him that I would like to try out odd jobs- like working at coffee bean/waiter- after I graduate and he just snapped at me. Of course it's a ridiculous idea, that was why he snapped at me. But I don't know why I wanna do them. I gave him the lamest and most pathetic, not to mention stupidest (to borrow a term), reason that it will help me understand the character(s) that I will be playing. Ya, talk about stupidity. Such profound level of intelligence you can say.

To cut the story short, and save me some face, he advised me to do these jobs during uni- as a way to help fund myself. To take some business modules and join a club that allows you to be interacting with people from the business district. Firstly, so that I can be familiarised with the way the corporate world works and secondly, for networking purposes. Why didn't I think of these before?

And he told me that money can buy me opportunities. With money I can pursue what I like, take up extra courses to improve myself, and live. There's no such thing as working for the job and not the money. All of us are working for the money, to some extent. And I need to be mindful of that. Thanks to him, I feel more matured and ahead-thinking. I will heed his advice and I think you all should too; that's why I'm sharing it with you guys. =)

This will be my shortest entry. Will blog when I feel like it. Don't know why, no mood to write and read these days....Anyway,

Love y'all

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