Friday, 15 June 2007

"Feeling Good"

Been doing lotsa reading these days, Atwood's books of course. Since now I got loads of time to spend doing nothing- finished my BMT last Tuesday- I might as well indulge in reading and food and afternoon naps. The more I read, the more I'm in love with her.

Especially when there's jazz music being played in the background. I bought this collection of jazz music last Wednesday at HMV. So sexy. Jazz is so sexy. Explains why I'm feeling kinda horny most of the time these days.

It feels weird to be horny. Don't know why the sudden urge for sex. Before I go to sleep, these fantasies will be playing in my mind. Even had dreams of it; don't worry I wake up dry everytime. Especially the song Unforgettable by John Pizzareli. It really makes you feel good.

Went on retail therapy last wednesday with Izzy at Marina Centre. Sorry girl for being super ultra late (close to an hour late ok, no joke). Decided to watch movie and supper at Esplanade but something took its toll and we, ok fine I admit that it's more of me than her, ended up buying a few apparels at Giordano and Samuel & Kelvin. Bought Apple Crumble at Secret Recipe, to be eaten while we talk about stuffs at the benches at Esplanade. It was a good night.

Then just now went to check the balance in my bank account which made me stop breathing for a few seconds. I'm left with $20 for the rest of the month. I spent about $360 in total in two days. Simply appalling. Shocking. Terkejut beruk. Terkencit cair. Stop. Drop. Roll. Play Dead. Retail therapy is bad for your health. It's ranked second after drug addiction and smoking (which share the same standing) in my opinion.

Checked my email just now. Sigh...I got rejected to SAF MDC. I knew it was coming. So wasn't that crushed; just greatly disappointed. However, on a completely different tanget, I got accepted to the USP Programme at NUS. Good thing I read the rejection email first though the acceptance email was higher up in the list. Smart eh? This is what I call the sixth sense. enlightened.

Now I got nothing else to mull about. I'm back to my old boring apathetic life. Life's a wheel. It goes around, and comes back to slap you in the face when you are least prepared. A'Keys is right.

Love y'all

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