Friday, 27 July 2007

Mimosa, Mazes and Minotaurs

"Life is a journey." Fuck that sentence. It's so cliche, and meaningless. What the fuck does that sentence tell you? Nothing much actually. But for some reason, I believe it. It just lacks explanation, that's all. The missing bit in between.

"We can change our lives." Fuck it. Can we really change our lives? I mean the entire period of time that we are living on Earth. If it's true that humans can control the things in their lives, then that means economists can alter the way the market fluctuates and control the currency rates to avoid the Asian Financial crisis from happening. And the inflation. And stuffs along that line.

The truth is, the economy is controlled by external factors that is uncontrollable by Man. So like life, we cannot change a lot of things. If it's meant to be, that means it's predestined. You're bound to get it. Life is never smooth selling- I'm sure you know that. There will be shit placed on the road you're travelling. You cannot avoid it. You have to go through. To put it nicely, those shits are barriers, obstacles, hindrance, etc.

We cannot see what is ahead of us. We cannot predict exactly what is going to happen. Unlike economics, whereby economists can almost accurately tell the foresight of how the economy is going to behave in the near future (even so they tend to be off point by a margin). Take it like we are going through a maze.

And as we travel more into the maze, we are going towards the centre. And in the centre is where the Minotaur- a vicious monster that is said to harm men, according to the Greek mythology- is chained. We are going towards the Minotaur instead of away from it, as how it was initially meant to be.

Humans are funny creatures. We say one thing but mean another. For example, the invasion of Iraq by the US in 2003 (id I ain't mistaken) is a way of making the US look like a superhero when the truth is that it's becoming zero- it's a period of time when the US is feeling threatened by the increasing number of burgeoning countries from all over the world who have the potential of taking over the US's position as a "world leader"; a title I highly suspect to be self-proclaimed.

And that Taiwan leader who uses the name "Taiwan" instead of "The Republic of China" during his appeal to the UN for something major (I can't recall what it was exactly) which angered China.

And when I say that something is "interesting, it always means "weird".

It's euphemism. And you can say a way to lie in a good way to not appear as lying but doing something good to cover up a wrong.

So, the labyrinth and the journey through the labyrinth to get to the Minotaur, and even the Minotaur itself, are metaphors for our life. When we are moving in the labyrinth, it's like we are aging and learning to become more of a bad person. We are no longer as innocent as a child. You realise that?

Practising vices and performing sins becomes part of our daily activities. And the further we move into the labyrinth, the further we get away from the exit- where the good side is. We know there's goodness 'cause there's evil. How we know that it's evil? Cause of the Minotaur. We know the Minotaur is an evil creature yet we are drawn to it. That means we like it.

Thus, it means we have an affinity for the Evil. And realise that it's a total opposite of what it feels like at the beginning. So that means at the beginning we start at a good point. And opposite attracts. So you start of as good, find evil and fall in love with it. And because it feels good, you decide to acquaint yourself to it. Make sense?

So that explains why we know what's good and bad, and how to differentiate good from evil, but still get lured into the bad side. It's so good to be bad. Fuck care Hell. That's later story. Now enjoy! =)

It's inevitable- we are bound to be an evil person at the end of the road. The same Minotaur that we try to conceal and shun is the same Minotaure that we are drawn into. Walking straight to see him.

So we are like a mimosa that closes when touched to symbolise innocence and shyness and conservatism, the maze that is a metaphor for life and the Minotaur representing the evil within- a complex being altogether.

Love y'all

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