Wednesday, 18 July 2007

What's happening?

Ion Orchard. Like what the hell? Imagine you saying this to your friend in three year's time:" Hey wanna go Ion Orchard?!" (tioa!).

I mean of the fifty people being surveyed, "28% like it, 68% hate it and the rest are indifferent" (The Straits Times, 18th July 2007). Isn't that very telling how ridiculous it sounds?

I would never tell my overseas friends to come to Ion Orchard. I'll ask if they wanna go "to that new hip and happening shopping centre beside Orchard MRT?" I'll never tell them we're going Ion Orchard. If they ask, I'll whisper them the name and quickly make them take an oath to never ever mention the name of that shopping centre. Just say it's The Orchard.

Doesn't that sound simple, chic and attractive? Ok fine, it may not. But feel free to come out with your own. So long as it's not and cheesy as Ion Orchard. Ugh. Bluek.

Love y'all

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