Sunday, 23 September 2007

Chance should I say this? Aigt, here goes...

Yesterday met up with Izzy to go shopping. Hadn't had retail therapy for quite sometime. So I'm back to my normal sessions. Bought about 5 items (2 pairs of jeans, one top, and 2 bottles of sample perfume) at less than $60. So felt good about it.

Here's the other thrill: I met these people when I was at Bugis and Geylang. Most of them I haven't seen for a long time.
  1. Zul (YCP) - at sultan mosque eating place.
  2. Su (YCP) - at Geylang
  3. Win (YCP) - at Geylang
  4. Sufyan (Griffiths Primary) - at Geylang (last saw in 2005)
  5. Suqina (Meridain JC) - at Geylang (last saw...last Lit paper for A's!)
  6. Suhailah (Greenview Sec Sch) - at Geylang (last saw in 2004)
  7. Andi (Meridian JC) - at Geylang (last saw...last Lit paper for A's!)

Like hello, all within less than twenty minutes OK! (except for Zul ah) That was truly a work of chance. Hahak.

On another note, I sometimes wonder if those people whom we met are by chance or intentional. It's as if, you're bound to meet them. And because it's not made known to us, we get surprise thus calls it "by chance". Is there really such thing as "by chance"?

Funny how things work in the a place we don't know the rules very well.

Anyhow, I'm happy that I met D. =)

And that any major hiccups haven't taken place. thank God for that.

love ya'll

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