Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Funny how...

Work has become a bitch. I am quite certain I don't want to be working in an office. Two months at SMTI affirms it.

Office politics is fun to hear but not play. The game changes when you have your friends going against you. And by that I mean when you hear different sides of the same story of the same person in the same condition. You start to have perspectives on your own on many people. Unpleasant perspectives. And I hate to look at a person's bad side.

I'm the kind who doesn't wish to know anything bad about someone. Even if it was a short over the cubicle barrier gossip. Unfortunately, even over the urinals stories have gotten to me. More dirty laundries being hung.

I'm glad the current re-ops doesn't affect me as badly. Well, at least I don't feel the bite yet.

I'm gonna go for the SAF Music and Drama Company (MDC) this Saturday. And hell ya I'm scared. Damn scared. "First bitten, twice shy." For me, "once bitten, twice makin ganteng."

'Cause apparently I didn't look like Adha the other time. I look more like...Shaiful. Hahak. Sorry man. You're the first name I thought of. Sorry. I mean you got Meh Che - she's the beauty. So that makes you...

Though I cannot say the same for me and her. Me and Meh Che...hehehe...

I must say that YellowChair Productions has helped me a lot. I cannot say enough "thank you" to Shaiful for introducing me to the club. Since joining, I've had aplenty acting offers which makes me more thrilled to delved deeper into this.

I love acting. I cannot "heave my word into my mouth" (King Lear, 1.2). I earnestly want to do this for a long time.

And I'm blessed with these when I'm in one of my lowest point. I've had many trenches. This aint the lowest. The lowest was when I was in depression. Good thing the number of parasectamol I took weren't enough to knock me out. Hehe.

Anyhow, Beyonce's "Suga Mama", Kelly Rowland's "Gotsta go" and Timabland's "The way I are" never fails to make me happy. The tunes are so catchy and groovable. Good to shake it all off. Youtube the vids. Hehe.

Love y'all

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