Sunday, 2 September 2007

I has been a week...

Whoa...OK. hahak. I'm high on excitement though it's only 6.58am in the morning.

Yesterday the YellowChair Production people went out. Shaiful the director suggested the idea since all of us were suffering from withdrawing symptoms. one was feeling OK after the production has ended.

Prior to that I had rehearsal from 12 (but I came at 12.30pm) to 4pm. After that I joined them.

And that's when I heard that Shahdon post up our unexpected photo shoot picture (see them at and videos! Laugh OK, 'cause it's meant to!

And since I can't place the embedment (don't ask why, IT geek here), I've put the URL instead.

And fucking hell, I didn't realise how high my voice embarrasaing.

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