Thursday, 8 March 2007

another day...

Ok...ya I agree that I was getting a little bit (pardon the understatement) obsessive with blogging. Hey, it's something new that I am doing! One can't help but be too overly excited. Haha. But I do have a good reason for this.

Another jobless day has come and will soon be gone. The school that I had been going to hasn't called me for like 1 week! That is like $65x7days poorer! Do you know how devastating that is?! Why can't people realise that my resources are thinning. Like hello people, what do you want me to do? Ask TAA? They are busy getting each other's rsources. Don't wannabe trapped in between. NKF? (knock knock) Durai? Hey, you still have something in your pocket? Like a couple of I don't know...mils or condoms, oops my bad, i mean condos? Cannot la. He has faced his karma. What goes in when out to his lawyer's and ex-friends pockets. kaching-kaching-kaching it goes. Can't you hear it? It didn't have time to channel to this account here. And my parents, well...a bulk of my use-to-have paycheck went to them (my mom especially, she thinks that eatra zeroes are in front of the decimal. Can't blame her. She needs money.) Who else? You? If you want, can...I don't mind. Please by all means. Let's meet and do the transfer. It's safer. Later the money goes to Hsien Loong's how? Anyway, I'll be honoured. Please give generously (note: minimum of $50). Alternatively you can call 1800-to-ruzaini's-account-because-he's-desperate-for-cash-500 and I'll get back to you shortly. =)

Sorry to digress. Where was I? Yes, my sappy story...(cont'd)...

I was just beginning to enjoy Paris' and Nicole's life. Living the high life. I was just becoming a happy boy. A boy who has been longing for that original bona fide Levi's, beautiful kashmir sweater from Topshop, exquisite taste of Mamak's roti prata at Jalan kayu, the new Calvin Klein perfume and the ok-maybe-not-so-new nokia 5300. Gone! Gone! Gone! Gone I tell you! Gone! Everything that I have ever hope for since my first $65 paycheck get washed down the drain like sh*t down the toilet bowl. Haiz...Now...I'm back to that lonely kid who sits in his room in Punggol Field who one day dreams of getting 5 BAFTAs, 1 Golden Globe, 2 Oscars and constant guest on Oprah and to get a body like Ashton, photographed by Tyra banks and have lunch with Meryl Streep and/or Helen Mirren.

Why is this happening to me? Am I in purgatory? It seems like it. All the good things that I want He doesn't give. Instead, He rewards me with things I don't even imagine like a plasma TV, X-Box game console, air-conditioned room, my own TV in my shared bedroom instead if free tickets to watch Titoudao, Blithe Spirit, Singapore Boys goes Chicago, 235, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, Rent, R21 shows, M18 movies, jet ride to Atlantis Hotel, the Carribean and you know the things ungrateful teenagers wish they have. They would give up anything...including their dignity and life (which should rank higher?) just so that they can taste that sweet taste of high life (sorry la my engrish very chau da, explains the 6 i get).

That's it I guess...Nah. OCD is hard to kick. though we often undermine the severity of such condition. Go Wikipedia it up (I've provided a link for your convenience. See hoe nice of me. Now where's my 50 or 500 dollars huh. Not cents. Better be thankful I didn't ask it in sterling pounds), watch Oprah or TyraShow. Go educate yourself with something other than what to wear for work (this in not MODE or RUNWAY magazine) or what to give your friends for their birthday. Please la, take it from me. The would-be King of Cheapos. I must beat Tyra Banks to take over the crown and reign supreme. Just give them your time and friendship. It's priceless FYI (get the pun? haha).

Ok, now I think I'll shut up. Your turn to speak. Remember the tagline: ME-SAYING...BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT!

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