Tuesday, 13 March 2007

"The Arena"

Gosh...I'm watching "The Arena" now. Man...it's so spicy. Like what the hell is wrong with these TV people...are they killing Loyang people or giving them credits?! First round...against Raffles. Then...now, with Hwa Chong! Yes I am undermining Loyang because I think they might actually be slaughtered with words...Still Sonika and Shanaz are very good with words, not that well but good enough. They can kill I tell you (people like me). Still I want them to go against more schools...other than Raffles and Hwa Chong. Then...they will have a better chance to win. Do I make sense?? Eh I think that the motion in the show are always one-sided.

"Bloggers are becoming more influential than journalists" is the motion...well fellow bloggers since you can't make it to "The Arena", let's trash it out here. You people go ponder over this...I am just raising it up. I am going to stand by the motion.

One weird phrase spouted in the midst of the war of words...

"More internet."

Problematic idea...

"bloggers are online journalists." This one you cant deny. So the motion is essentially about virtual and printed media? Or the person who writes?? :/

Oh gosh...Loyang is losing...fuck. And they are shooting themselves in the foot, head and heart. Fuck...fuck...fuck! See la...I really think they wanna get rid of Loyang. Yes it is a challenge...one that is almost impossible to win.

Ok that's it...I amnot going to watch the outcome. It's too painful. Man...I wish I was born with the gift to speak quickly and sensibly.

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