Thursday, 22 March 2007

I am a Bitch!

(sing it to the song of some song, go figure)

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Bitch
The Big Bad Bitch
The Big Bad Bitch
Who's afraid of the Big Bad Bitch
la la la la la la la la...

People, am I a bitch? How can I be right? I so fucking nice and cute and polite and decent, not potty mouth...ok maybe not so about the last one. Hahak.

I know that I am not suppose to irritate, infuriate, agitate, annoy, tick, piss, anger, bother, disturb, repugnate (if there's such a word), disgust others. But I can't help it. I seem to be doing this subconciously I realise. Hrmmph...ya I know that it doesn't make sense cause how can I realise something if I'm doing it subconciously, right? Am I a liar now?

Well yes I am a liar. All of us are. According to a study done by BBC, all of us lie about 15 times a week. So parents, don't scold your child when they lie. Cause you do it too. And friends, don't be mad at your friends when they lie cause you do it too. Heh. But I am not for this case. Somehow after being such a fucking potty mouth I sort of like woke up and realise what I have said. Like a cebai don't you think?

I think today I feel like a cebai. Then tomorrow like a dick. The next like Pamela Anderson's used-to-be breast. God knows what will happen on other days.

See I'm doing it now. Being a bitch with all these profanity. Help! And this is how it happens la. I started off as normal. Then digress like big time and start pouting these profanities. Shoot man. Am I schiczo? Oh my gosh...I think I am.


Anyway, thank you for your time. Need to go fetch my sis from school. Shoot I'm late. She comes out at 2.30pm. and now is 2.29pm (on my comp). Ok, da! Enough said. Until next time.

Muakz to you all...!

Anyway, do check out "Beautiful Liar" on youtube. It's by beyonce and Shakira! I know...AH!!!! Cool kan?! =)

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