Sunday, 11 March 2007

What an experience!

Today is a better day than yesterday. I went out with my family and came across blog-type things.

Story 1

I went to cut my hair today. I figured the time has come to do something about this crowning glory of mine that was beginning to look more like the undergrowth of a densely populated forest. No, there are no crawling stuffs on my hair. Neither are there any living organisms except for my cells if you consider them as living organism. I went to EC House. The hair stylists greeted their patrons with the japanese hello,"konichiwa!" I slot in ten dollars into the vending machine and my card was dispensed. Went to sit down and wait for my turn. Finally, the time has come. I asked the hair stylist for her suggestion because I really dont know what to do, or what hair style to choose from. She said something and I nodded. The work process began. When I took out my specs, all I saw in the mirror is a mushroom growing from my hair. About ten minutes later, my hair volume doesnt seem to decrease but when I put on my specs...volla! A brand new hair cut. One that I have never gotten. Sorry that I cant show the before and after pict but all I can say is that it looks neat yet funky. Yup...go figure.

Story 2

We went to Mustafa Centre to waste time and money. I wanted to buy the "Kinohitsu" (I think that how it's spelt, anyway) because I just wanted to know how much toxin are there in my body. I didn't get what I came for but bought a new facial wash and an oral medication for acne. Before I went to get those two things, a group of black people came in. I first say a black man then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, kids with three adults behind them. My first idea of a strong man with many kids diminish when I saw the sixth kid onwards. Haha. I guess they were on a school excursion but why Mustafa Centre for the kids? I mean they look 9. Maybe they are from a local school. Either way...why bring the kids to a shopping centre?? Haiyo these people eh...

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