Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I am sure you people have watched the winner for the NEmation Total Defence advertisement on tv. And that you guys would agree with the tag line, "Doesn't mean...we should..." It is reminding us to not be complacent with what we have. I like it a lot. I think it is very creative and compelling, especially when the threats mention in the advert are happening faster than we would have expected.

Recently, The Straits Times and other newspapers have been reporting on the news regarding the import of granite from Indonesia that sparks controversy, the ridiculous punishment Malaysian policemen are giving to Singapore cars and the conflicts in Thailand. Although Thailad is further than our two neighbours, the haze problem still gets to us. And the political and religious tensions that are escalating might reach Singapore sooner than we think. Therefore, we need to be more wary and not be easily influenced. If there is anything that Social Studies has taught me is that having an internal problem will be harder to curb than external ones. The fall of Venice as a Superpower in the 16th century is due to corruption within the government and the lack of proper governance.

Sometimes I don't know who to blame- the government or those other than them. If Singapore is having a supposedly good relations with Malaysia, then why are the Johor policemen charging Singapore cars for stupid reasons such as not having a coupon for red plate cars or tinted windows? It bugs me that they are picking on nitty gritty stuff. Yes we understand your devastation and desperation, but must you loot and ill-treat us? And since the problem is only prevalent in Johor, perhaps it is just them and not the entire Malaysia. And that the leaders in the two countries are not at fault. However, are they?

I don't think Malaysia has let the issue of Singapore's refusal to build a third causeway go. The bridge is almost ready. If you you going in from Woodlands, you can see it and there you go thinking,"I thought the idea was abolished?" The water issue is still on-going, though it has managed to escape from the media's frenzy publicity. I don't know if the dispute between the two countries over Pedra Branca is over. And the land reclamation project over at the north of Singapore, Singapore denies going into Malaysian borders. It's true, she is just a few metres away from her neighbour; the new distance is just a few more metres than where she was. But I'm sure the Singapore government is doing something to rectify the matters. We just wait for the news. Sometimes I don't know if the Singapore government are doing it purposely or just trying their luck testing their bilateral relationship.

And with Indonesia? I don't think it's fair to point the fingers at the Singapore government because they were just as shocked as we were about the "illegal import of granite to Singapore". (Hrmmph...I wonder if they really were? But that's not important.) Their reason: the granite in our country is depleting at such tremendous rate! Well, whose fault is it? You should have done your calculations and informed your friend that you are running low on natural resources and that you can only supply her for this period of time only. And not to just call it off at the last minute.

Wait a minute! (play the song wait a miute: wait a minute girl why you do me like that/you take all my money can't even call a player back/wait a minute boy why you tripping like that/you think 'cause you're tricking you can do it all that/wait a minute...) I thought that there was a treaty signed regarding this?! It was in 2002 if I'm not wrong. And in that treaty it says that the period of import of granite would actually end soon. Did George Yeo forget? Sorry ah brother, main-main aje. Cool ah. Go Gwendaline: (in a retardedly cute manner) "wait don't go Mrs Solis, you need to rub my feet. It is for the baby." (no link ;/)

But being a world-class government I'm sure the Singapore government has done something when the date was nearing to discuss the matter further. I guess Indonesia said that they can extend the period, but did not specify till when. I think they weren't in the zone when they said that. I'm sure you understand why (tsunami, plane crash, earthquake, etc). Now, the relationship between the two countries is rather straint and this could actually affect our economy. Haiz...

Now, moving on to the major superpower in the world-USA. If the US government is as competent and good as it claims to be (self-proclaimed or title given ah?), then why is the world- and by that I am referring to the civillians, not the people in politics because they have their tongues stuck to Bush's ass- are against them?

I don't think we are against America as a country. It's just that when we say "US" it seems that we are referring to the entire nation when the fact is that we are directing our fingers to the politicians only. Poor Americans who are blamed for something done by their government. 1, 2, 3 aww...thoughtful right the government? They sent youths who are uneducated to "sacrifice themselves for world-peace" because they cannot study or choose not to. At least they won't waste their lives in prisons. Vey good-thinking...perhaps Singapore can can follow. I mean hey since when have we not ditto what other people are doing right?

To be the next City of Lights (Paris), Romance (Venice), Green (Switzerland/New Zealand/Central Park-New York), Sky Scrappers (New York), City never Sleeps (Hong Kong), Entertainment Hub (Paris/Hollywood), Arts Hub (West End) and whatever...whatever...whatever...

Dance Floor...eh So you think you can dance (US). Singapore Idol...eh American Idol (US). Deal or no Deal...eh Deal or no Deal (US). Who wants to be a millionaire...eh Who wants to be a Millionaire (US). After Hours...eh FRIENDS (US). Miss Singapore Universe...eh Miss USA. Singapore's Next Top Model, Extreme Makeover...not yet, coming. Just wait. Sure will come. Confirm.

Can't we start something like
-who can be the best whore? (after Annabel of course)
-who has the biggest dick/bust?
-English version of Star Search & Anugerah (this one I think after US got then we sure got one.)
-who wants to be the next paris hilton?
-the hard life

you know...something original. Must be be mini US and China? If Singapore is heading in this direction, then I'm going out of the country (at least for a few years).

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