Monday, 26 March 2007

Weekend Break (24th & 25th March 2007)

Wa...cannot believe that I never blog for 2/3 days sia. And I survived. I pecah the tradition of blogging everyday. Shit. But it's ok. =)


1. Nothing much during the day. Mundane stuff like waking up and realise that I have jusst missed 20minutes of Pokemon. Sigh.

2. I read Straight Man by I cant remember his name, because it's Spanish. Before you go ooh ooh ah ah la la, the story is anything but gay. It's a story about a 50 year old College Professor who is going through that period- supects his wife is cheating on him, a pay cut, bastard colleagues and caring friends, his mom, getting ED, etc. Very fun and enjoyable book to read.

3. In the afternoon, around 5 ish, I followed my parents to fetch my sister from her religious class. We were late by 30 minutes. Good thing she didn't cry. Then, we went jogging at Pasir Ris Park. Eh I jog for 5km ok! No joke ah! Never knew I got that much stamina. Haha. Felt healthier already.

4. Then I did something I don't know if it's good or bad. We went for dinner at Bedok Corner after much deliberating. Always the problem...And guess what I ate? 1 bowl of ice-kachang and Cheng Tng. Why? Firstly because I have been craving for ice-kachang for a long time. And he one there not nice. Rather blend. Should try the one at Geylang Market. Fuyoh! Sedap gila, power! Got oomph! Haha. And when you are at Bedok Corner food centre, it's a must to have the cheng tng. The best in Singapore, or at least in the east side. So there it explains.

5. And then we went Mustafa. My sister wanted to go and my dad wasn't sleepy yet. I didn't wanna go cause I think I was stinking, though I wasn't. Bought a few stuffs like my new pimple and acne cream fom Himalyas. The only one that seems to have an effect on my skin. Yay! On the way to the car, I came across many Indian soldiers who were probably having a break in Singapore and $50 men. And a male couple kissing, on the cheeks la of course. Very loving.

6. Fetch my brother from work, so reach home around 11.30pm. I was so exhausted that after bathing, praying and facial I went straigh to bed and it didn't take long before I knocked out.


1. Woke up around 10. Followed my dad to work (part-time). Then had breakfast at Changi. I had rice with dishes.

2. After breakfast cum lunch, therefore brunch, we went Pulau Ubin! This I guess was the highlight of the day. We didn't go far. Just went to the beach nearest to the what they call? Dock is it? Haiya, you know la what I am referring to. Dad went fishing while sis went wadding. Me and mom, sat on the beach. It was a sultry afternoon, not to mention boring. Good thing I bought Style magazine and The Straits Times. So at least there some thing to do. And guess what? This month issue, Style gave free flip-flop. It was not that small. good thing someone with a size 11 can fit. Phew. And Utt was in it! Yay! He is also in the Travel section of 8 days last week (19th-25th March 2007). So cute...haha. Ok asides aside. I like his modelling poses. =)

3. Since it was only 4.30pm, we decide to go home first.

4. Slept for awhile. Woke up around 8 ish, pray then go off for dinner at Habibi, after much deliberating of course. Had beancurd soup, kangkong and lemon chicken. Yum yum! It was 9.30pm. I told my mom to sent me home cause I wanted to watch Ugly Betty! reached home just in time. Phew...that episode was so funny! On that note, which one isn't?! I was about to go to switch off the TV but decide not to. Like got some impending force stopping me. And then...LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA...AMERICAN NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE VII PERMIERED! AH!!!! Watch it hen go to sleep...ah, the life.


1. Greenview Sec called today. Thank God. Otherwise, I don't know how else to live with little money. Was sick but I persevered for that $65. Finally, after a gruelling 5.5hours I get to go home with that money. Yay.

2. Reached home around 3pm, had lunch and lulled in bed. Slept till 7.15pm. Surf the net while waiting for Making Miracles to start. haiyo, Fann looks so unglam with that patch on her face. She looks ugly. Finally she can be uglified! =) So I blogged while watching. Then going to watch After Hours for more of Utt and Desperate Housewife. =) Nights people.

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