Sunday, 18 March 2007

Selfish Me

I have a brother, 3 years my junior. He wanna goes to sleep but I wanna use the computer. The computer is in our room. So because of the bright lights, he grumbled and tossed to the other side; together with his tantrums. The only difference is that he faced away from the computer direction but his tantrums at me. As a selfish person, I dimmed the computer screen lights so that there's practically little light left for me to blog. But hey, who cares? They are my eyes. Who cares if they are spolit? And I'm typing slowly so as not to make so much noise. Sefish aren't I?

Another incident. He came back from work, sometimes out with his friends, at 1 a.m., barge into the room and ask me to sleep on the mattress on the floor because he wanna sleep on my bed and use the computer. Sefisj aren't I? I mean he only does it about 3 times a month since saturdays he doesn't come home. He sleep over at his friend's, without having the courtesy to inform my dead worried parents.

I do his dishes. I do his laundry. If I don't then he'll yelled at me and tell me that his work/school uniform is important. He needs it in the afternoon. This is when he wakes up at 2 or 3pm and finds that his uniform isn't washed and he needs to rush for work at 4pm. Yup, selfish aren't I? Washing mine and the others' laundry but not his...

Silence doesn't mean concede

I think people need to realise that doesn't mean I'm keeping quiet means I am conceding. It simply means that I am being patient and giving in. It's not that I wanna purposely let you win but I don't wanna cause a commotion and affect those who are not involved. So please, when you bitch me around and I keep quiet, don't think I don't care. I am not cursing you underneathe my breathe. But you just tesyed my patience and your chances. One I don't give a fuck about you, that means oblivious to what you say or do then it means that you have crossed the very high tolerance level. Yes, I can joke and take sh*t. But don't go thinking that you are getting the upper hand.


My brother is not that bad la. And my family too. I mean I always place them before myself but the fact that I even consider myself in the equation and that how I can manipulate the situation so that all of us will get what we us, it still means that I am selfish. So yep, selfish Ruzaini. Sell fish...

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