Thursday, 8 March 2007

so how does it go again??

Ok, english is a simple language to understand right? But there are some things I don't quite get.

Here's one: you cannot teach an old dog new tricks; and one is never too old to learn. So can we still learn when we are old or does it apply only to dogs? Donkeys also cannot what.

Another: the sky is your limit; and be realistic- set reachable goals. Which one do I follow?

The advert on buses: My first job interview, "Will I say the right things?" Well with those hours waiting for and being on board the bus, you will definitely have time to dwell on saying the right things. The problem is can you be there to say what you have thought of. The way it's phrased is so cunning don't you think. You have to be technical and really good in English to not be fooled. Don't be like me. Often kena tipu.

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