Thursday, 15 March 2007

Things that really bug me, seriously

1. Large huge tortoises in the middle of the expressway

These are the kind of people who deserve the title "I am the most idiotic person around, ranked lower than shit!" I mean seriously, it is a huge aisle with plenty of spaces to walk their entire big fat fucking ass around. Yet, they have to conquer the centre lane and jammed the entire traffic. The worst thing is that they leisurely walk with, literally, their nose held high and pretended like nothing is wrong! What the fuck is their probelm? What, they never attend school or stepped out of the house before? Damn irritating. No courtesy whatsoever.

2. People who radiate nagative energy

These kind of people should be locked in a room with lead walls, and not be released unless they have sworn to contain such negativity in their big huge ego. What is wrong with them? Why must they spoil other people's good energy just because they are having a bad day? Now you see why they should be imprisoned? They should not be allowed to be in contact with other people except their own kind. Let's see how it goes...

I think all that they need to do is just to mind their words. Is it so hard to not wring your face and spout rubbish and spoil other people's day? A prime example: my dad. I hate him for being this because he has influenced and instilled that negative vibe in me.

3. People who are gong

I don't know whether to call them idiots or sotong simply because they are a little bit of both, behaving as one or the other at different times. Must things like clearing up after yourselves or after you have broken a vase still be schooled to adults? Adults mind you, not children. Yes children are gong sometimes but when you come to your senses and realise that they have a lot more to learn and that you as the adult or more experienced person in the situation thus the need to act accordingly, you will forgive them. But can you forgive gong adults? Take a look at this...

I was alighting the train one day. Which stop I can't remember. It doesn't matter anyway, the content of what happened on that day is more important. Ok, back to the story. In front of me is a group of adults. We were all waiting to alight at that stop. The train slowed down before coming to a complete halt, a little behind the outside door. We jerked lightly to the right. After regaining our balance, we waited for the door to open. The automatic entrance-exit door didn't open. So we all just stood there, looking confused. Pretty funny actually. But the joke ends rather quickly. When the door suddenly open, those in front just stood there- immobile. They just stood there till the door-closing signal went off. Only it occurred to them that they have to get out or at least move aside so that those behind them can alight. A bit too late right? Those who wanted to alight quickly rushed out, bumping into and pushing back commuters were boarding. Due to their stupidity I almost missed my stop and get squashed by the closing doors. Fuck those idiots. What the hell is their problem??

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