Wednesday, 21 March 2007

money=life, ruzaini=no money. therefore: ruzaini=no life (get the math?)

Does the above equation make sense? If it does, that means you are logical. If it doesn't, to you, go see a psychiatrist or your math teacher. If you don't have one, it's high time you seek one. How can you live without math? It's not like sex you know: optional. It's like breathing: necessary. You need math to survive.

When you buy your delicious chocolate (e.g. cadburry, ferrero rocher, mars, snickers, etc.) from the mamak shop downstairs or NTUC or Prime or even Sheng Shiong, you need to pay for them. But before you start to grow vertically, at a rate of .001 inch per second, you need to get ready the money. If you have $2 and the chocolate costs $1.75, what are you gonna do? Cry? Call out for help? The Powerpuff girls or Mr. Muscles? Mustapha (since he has everythning...therefore he must know what to do right?)? The secert service? CIA? What are you gonna go since you don't have exact amount?! That's right! You need math! See the importance of math now?

And if your math is really good, you can have more money. How, you may ask? For one, you will be getting a well-paid job; e.g. accountant, math teacher, entrepeneur (I think that's how it's spelt) cause you need to calculate risks. The other, is that you will know how much you will be saving when shopping at Tampines Mall's mega sale (happening now).

Ask Lee Kuan Yew or Lee Hsien Loong or even daughter-in-law, the CEO of Temasek Holdings. Work hard on your math and device an algorithm whereby you get to live luxuriously on your people's income plus the increase in tax. Distribute the country's wealth unevenly, a bit more from each person gets diverted into your account, and to protect your status say,"It is a long term investment for Singapore." I guess what they don't want to tell you, simply because it's down right wrong and dispicable, is that,"It is a long term investment for us as well. Hehehehehehehehehehe. Can't believe it's so easy!"

But then hor, I guess it's just an opinion from someone who is not living in luxury lah. Don't be influenced ok. Listen to the people at the top, not the one at the bottom (rank lower than your nose).

Seriously, living in a country where the standard of living is high having an income of $2000 is not enough to feed 5 mouths. In the past, about 5 years ago, $2000 can feed 7 mouths and an Altis/Waja. Now, you need to have a part-time job so as to make ends meet. Not only that, every member in your househole has to work if you are not studying. I would rather stay at home because that way the net expenses will be reduced. However, the logic fails to work. If you don't work, it means that you are adding to the burden. You are increasing the family's debts instead of decreasing it. It is as if there is one deficient motor that refuse to be fixed. Consequently, the family unit cannot propel forward but be dragged behind.

And can you still deny the fact that you need money to survive in a place like Singapore? I am not talking about living. Living is when you get to splurge without worrying if there will be surplus for tomorrow. I have $28 in my account right now. And I need to survive till late April. You think it is possible? I am about to give in and put myself on a noose. "Why not ask from you parents, surely they have," you might ask. Well for one, I see desperation in their eyes. They are seeking for ways to increase the family income to pay off debts and other financial matters. "Why don't you get a job?" I've applied for lots since January. So far I've worked for 1 week at Otis and 7 days in total as a relief teacher. No one wants to hire a temporary staff. It's a waste of money.

So now I'm pennyless, practically. And since money is widely equated to life, if you string the logic you will see that I have no life, even before I noosed myself. Pathetic right?

But I read somewhere that God has plans for His creation. He either blessed them with wealth or without. Those without are tested on their faith. However, that doesn't mean that you should resign. You still have to put in effort to better your condition. The problem I have now is what else can I do? Do you know the punishment for those who are ungrateful to His gifts? Very bad punishment.

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