Friday, 30 March 2007

Spot the similarities

I just finished reading Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood a couple of days ago and what struck me the most is the stark similarities between Catholicism and Islam.

In the novel, mentioning and showing of the leg was forbidden, for the women. And so was for unmarried woman to be in a room with a man, so as to avoid fornication which carries a heavy penalty. Even some of the religious connotations mentioned are far too similar.

Then during the weekly Friday's congregation just now, the imam (the man who leads the prayers) told us that Prophet Muhammad was born during the break of dawn. And so was Jesus, according to the Christian. And that when he (prophet Muhammad) came into the world, his house was brightly illuminated. It was a beautiful scene. The world knows that a new messenger has arrived. Isn't it similar to how Christ was born?

The main diffrence among the religions is God. Other than that, the teachings are very much similar. All religion teach its people to respect the right of others, to help those in need, to maintain a good relationship with the people whom you know, to maintain cleaniness- not only on in terms of physical self but also spiritual self; to list a few among the many others.

Therefore, with these many similarities I don't get why do people still show hostility towards others- discrimination and prejudism.

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