Sunday, 1 April 2007

Lemme see what does Dr Ruzy have to say.


Yes, charity. I'm sure that all of you kind and compassionate souls have donated at least once in your life right with a minimum amount of $0.10 and to you there's sufficient? Afterall, it is the thought that counts. Don't worry, you're not alone. Most of us do that. At least you have donated, unlike others. But even for these peeps, I think the Lee Foundation has donated on their behalf. Use the tax money la (duh). For those of you who has constantly donated more, well good for you. May you be repaid fruitfully (a constant supply of running water- eh don't take it lightly ok! It's actually a huge blessing- God bless). =)

But then hor, I don't know why we donate ley. Is it because of sincerity or only want to show show to others that we are generous (hrmph hrmph Lee Foundation). They often donate more than $1,000,000.00 for the annual charity drive on tv if you have been keeping your eyes open wide. But how can you not? I'm sure your eyes also go bling bling when you see that $1 million cheque being presented. If they are sincere la hor, like trully want to steal from the rich and give to the poor, then why must they show it live on national tv? Just have President S R Nathan to be your witness in a closed room kan enough? He is still a witness. I have always suspected their sincerity and generosity.

Then come the main show- the perilous stunts by our actors and actress turn stuntman/woman part-time who risk their lives to perform those things which I don't know what else to say. It's either these peeps are seeking more publicity, stupid or sincere. Why stupid? Because they risk their lives to do some ridiculous and seemingly cliff-hanging stunts and slap on that "ooh...ooh...oh my god...oh my god...I'm gonna die...I'm gonna die...but for the sake of all these disadvantaged people and to show my fans and supporters that I care...I will still do it" face. They are actors, so they could be acting. Man...I'm stabbing myself (gulp). The other two reason, you guys go figure la hor.

I mean, jumping off a human tangga (ala that thing la that painters climb on to reach high surfaces, firemen also got use one) to catapult someone at the other end on the see-saw to form another human tangga is dangerous but dumb. Why do it?

So that they can get people to donate more! Now here is the problem actually. We donate because we are entertained therefore we think these people (as in the disadvantaged) deserve our donation, am I right? Though the donation is sincerely done by some, somehow by putting our idol's life on the line, the donation rate seems to rise. You realise? At the start of the show there are only say $100,000.00. And by the end of 3 hours, before the major companies contribute their share the total amount collected tripled. Sometimes even quadrupled.

Now, it could either be that people are really donating (seems more like voting sometimes I feel)
or that the show organiser release some of the already donated amount bit by bit throughout the show. It's very dubious. That's why I would rather watch the show than to pick up the phone and donate no matter how many times FD/Belinda/whoever begged the audience to. Cause I feel that such donation requires no such show. It's a, and maybe even for, show.

And for these shows, we donate even up to fifty dollars. But what about those donation drive done on the street at Orchard la, Simei la, Tampines come only the max is $10. Even that is rare. Mostly, it's in cents. $0.20 and $0.50 are the popular amount.

How caring are we?

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