Sunday, 15 April 2007

Back to basics

Alright, alright...I just realise that my last few entries were written in a style not what I had begun with. They were written in a politician-wannabe style. So not like me lor! Though written by me. Just not my style. Like very fake. Like try to sound chim but cannot make it kind. Haha. I bet those angmos cannot faham.

Ah...singlish. The language that every Singaporean must know. I think hor, the national language should be Singlish lei. What do you think? I mean, it just feels so right and good to talk in Singlish. Afterall, it's Singapore's English what. Not considered national language meh? A lot of people can understand one. The brown, tan, fair, caramel colour people can understand. The people up there and down here also can understand. It's so Singaporean lah. So beautiful. Hehe.

So that means now, we got no more identity crisis kan? Now got money problem. Not shortage but too much. $2 million in PM pocket, a few more million in other ministers'. Then got bankers and lawyers. Why they so wanna kick a fuss about a few million? They are just money what. Later when you mampus, you are not going to bring those money with you what. Just you, yourself and you.

To the left, to the left.
Everything you own in the box to the left.
In the closet that (your) stuffs,
Yes if (you) bought them please don't touch.

(Lyrics from Beyonce's Irreplacable. They have been adjusted to suit the context.)

But why? No one can hear you what. No one can see you also. So, no one cares. You are just talking to yourself. Fluttering around at home. Maybe your dog/cat/fish can see you lah but they cannot do anything what. All your things go away into the bin or Homes. You go back to Him with nothing, not those money that you earn, just like how you came to earth. Be thankful and greatful la PM and ministers. Your efforts worth more than your money what. They are priceless. We thank you for that. But now,

Let's not kill the karma,
Let's not start a fight.
It's not worth the drama,
For a (few million dollars)!

Can we laugh about it (haha)
(Oh) It's not worth our time
(Oh) We can live without (them)
Just a (few million dollars)!

(Lyrics from Beyaonce and Shakira's Beautiful liar. They have been altered to suit the context.)

Haha. Aigt, ciao people!
Love y'all.

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