Tuesday, 10 April 2007


I have a friend. Who is mad at me and who is paranoid. He has a boyfriend. He loves his boyfriend a lot. And I am happy for them. Like for real. Why shouldn't I be? One day he messaged me this,"Are you disappointed that I am attached?"

My reply,"So random. To a small extent yes I am."

Ok this is where you guys will go whoa! So...WHOA! But I seriously am not terribly bothered that he is attached and that he can't be mine. Like which bloody arsehole would feel like that? Maybe the pathetic little creatures would. When I first know him, I believe that he is single. So I sent signals that I like him. I suppose he sensed them and came clean with me. He said that he is attached. Of course I was crushed but I wasn't in a wreck. And I did tell a couple of my very close friends, who know him quite well, that I like him. And that's it.

Today on msn, his nick was obviously meant to direct at me. Telling me to back off. Of course in his defence he could say otherwise. And he has this wonderful idea that I have been telling literally the world world that I like him. As if I do not have anything else to do. Who's the delusional one here?

And just like that, my bad day became worse. I was making progress on turning it to a good evening by the way. Anyhow, I don't know lah. I'm just so frustrated.

Love y'all. Muakz.

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