Thursday, 19 April 2007

A date with Hana, Madhan and Astri

Today is kind of a special day. Hana called me up by accident to ask if I know where Astri is cause they are going Simei to meet, together with Madhan. The thing is Madhan, Hana and Astri have not met for 8 months. And before that they used to meet quite often. But due to work and school, they cannot meet as often. And today is Astri's off-day. Hana finished work at 6pm while Madhan's done for the day. And me? I'm always free. So perfect time.

We were to meet at Eastpoint (God knows why there) at 6.45pm. But Astri was there at 5.30pm already. Since none of the other three can be there within 5 minutes, she went to pay Izyan a visit at Simei CC. I reached Simei at 6.30pm. Went to Izzy's working place to meet Astri and say hi to Izzy as well. Then about 6.45pm, me and Astri left for Eastpoint. While walking Astri told me about her sister who wants the Dorothy Perkin's membership card and that they have to spend at least $150 in a single receipt in order to be eligible to apply. So the two of them did. Met Madhan at Popular, then went Challenger cause he needs to get some stuffs for his FSV course. Hana was late so we went Banquet first. It took as quite a while to settle for a makan place. The Banquet there need work man.

Anyway, we chat and chat and catch up on what we have lost. Though I've met Hana and Madhan 2 weeks before when I invited them over to my place as my parents were out of town, we didn't run out of conversation topics. Well actually Madhan did the most talking. I did the most listening, as usual. I don't mind. I like hearing them talk.

We walked from Eastpoint to Madhan's place, quite near. But Astri was tired. She's often tired and I'm worried for her. Well hopefully she's okay. And we talked some more. At Madhan's block, we say bye to him and walked to the bus-stop where me and Astri waited for 34. Hana decided to stay till our bus came. So sweet of her. 34 finally came. So bye to Hana.

34 came to Astri's stop, so bye Astri. And I'm alone on the bus ride home. But it's ok. I met up with four of my closest. And my mundane day just got better. Thanks guys.

Love y'all.

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