Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Have we forgotten?

1. Do we really forget or just decide to not remember?

Often when we want to delete something from the computer, we simply press the "delete" button. And the selected information is supposedly gone from your computer. I may not be a computer scientist or know a lot about computers but I don't think that the information/document is trully discarded from the computer. And by that I mean totally wipe out fom the computer's memory system. I think it was re-coded into "seen as deleted" so that the information/document appears to no longer exist. Why? Because we do not physically bagged the thrash in the "recycle bin" and throw them away. So that means that the information is actually still retained in the computer. And to get it back...well...we need a specialist for that.

And I think the same can be said about our brain. Some memories we choose to remember. Others, usually the not so good ones, we choose to "forget". And by that I mean to not have that memory erased completely. However, the truth is that I think we simply choose to repress them. Our brain, like the computer, re-coded the memory and make it appear as "forgotten". Therefore, such thoughts never surfaced again, at least not in our conscious state. They get released in our dreams I think- the time when we temporarily dead (not conscious).

Why do I suddenly wanna say these stuffs? Cause I think more people are becoming more like machines and computers than humans. They have lost their sense of humanity and ability to think. (think America-Iraq, Thailand, Isreal-Palestine)

2. Liars/Hypocrites/Multi-faceted?

What usually happens when you find out that someone has lied to you? But have you ever thought why the person has decided to lie and not spill the truth? Sometimes it's because the truth hurts more than the lie. So no harm lying.

The other is that "we are all actors and actresses and the world's a stage" (pardon if I had misquoted). And hypocrite stems from a Greek word that means "act." Therefore, all of us are actors and actresses actually (so no need to envy Orlando or Halle. The only difference is that they are paid). This is evident in the way we automatically behaves in many different situation- in our usual social group, meeting new people, to our family, cousins, etc. Interestingly, when ask to act on stage not many of us can do that. Our natural acting skills just switch off.

Also it's because I think humans are multi-faceted creatures. There are so many types of characters that we can be and how quickly we can change.

Why am I saying these stuffs? Because we need to acknowledge that all of us are quite similar just as how we are different. So let's celebrate this diversity that we all share instead of shedding blood of our own blood brothers (think Adam and Eve).

3. Does Singapore have an identity crisis?

Many youths especially are not bothered about their conutry. They are in that period of self-absorbance and ignorance. They would rather seek their identity than to care for how their country is doing. Singaporean youths are not spared. And the govenment is trying to avoid breeding these apathetic youths by having subject such as National Education, General Paper, and countless number of "- Days" to remember in the school curriculum. This is done to inculcate the sense of national pride in them. Why? Because if the sense of patriotism is lost amongst our youths, we could be heading downhill- slow economic progress as more people are not working for their country's, and their, benefits, corruption within the government body and all sorts of ills will spring. This just shows one thing: the importance of having a national identity.

However, is Singapore having an identity crisis? Many seems to believe so. Well, allow me to enlighten you a little bit. Think:-
  1. Singlish
  2. The Merlion
  3. The Esplanade
  4. KuCinta
  5. Vanda Miss Joaquim
  6. Hossan Leong
  7. Phua Chu Kang
  8. Kiasu-ness
  9. HDB
  10. Our ability to complain more than initiating
  11. Thinking we own the road just because we own a mercs especially
  12. Being swayed when given money to make babies

Why am I doing this? Have we forgotten?

Love y'all. Muakz.

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