Friday, 13 April 2007

The beauty of language

I am no linguist. I am certainly no literary expert either. Thus I do not possess a good command of languages. But I do understand implications. And I apologise if the words that I have chosen are wrong or have given you a negative indication. This blog is dedicated to Sufian or Sufyan. You can visit his blog via mine under "sufian".

And he prefers his sweet name being spelled as "yahn", and not "yan" because it may sound like "yen"...which in my opinion not only sounds wrong but also devaluing...and since you are at the subject of currency, why not throw in the baht, ringgit, rupee, rupiah and if you wish for a higher buying price of the Sing Dollar, sterling pounds or Swiss Francs.

But let's not get into this. Let the economists and people in the banks do that. I myself am not sure how the currency rates fluctuate. I only know that on average $100=RM217. And that's enough to shop at Petaling Jaya, for me at least. =)

Anyhow, I have been reading Margaret Atwood's books nowadays. And I love the way she writes. I guess it's her style that I adore. She often has this little asides or inserts that are simply brilliant. She read English as her major and french and philosophy as her minor at Victoria University in the University of Toronto. She has a BA English(Hons) by the way. And these asides are insightful. Of course she is able to do this because she is a linguist and a literary expert. Even her criticisms are bitchy, but nicely phrased.

And for the knowledge of my readers, I like this kind of people that use tact in their speech or writing. It is a reflection of their intelligence and they have my deepest respect. One prime example is Prophet Muhammad. Another is Mahatma Gandhi.

If you are those kind of people who don't know how to phrase their words nicely when bitching, you have my deepest sympathy for being one of those apathetic people. Nothing to moot about what you say. And of course it will be foolish of me to ignore the possibility that it was deliberately done, but I am not an aficionado of Jezebels. I shall leave the matter on this note. I do not wish to go back on my word and be accused of contradicting.

So as a reminder to the rest of my readers, do choose your words wisely and phrase in such a way that doesn't sound rude. Because there is a difference between being rude and bitchy. To be rude is to write or say an offensive remark and have the favour return. To be bitchy is to write or say something witty- which is usually something negative about someone- and get away with it, not getting a reply because you have check-mate the person. So which one are doing?

Love y'all.

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