Sunday, 1 April 2007

Dear Brangelina,

It has come to the public attention that you two are on an adopting spree. With the recent adoption of Pax Thien it has confirmed our study that you two like asian kids more than Ang Mohs. So I have decided to help you search for one.


Name: Muhammad Ruzaini
Location: Singapore (somewhere further south from Cambodia, lower than thailand and peninsula Malaysia. A place known as the garden city and soon to be the next city of lights and romance and arts hub)
Age: 18 year old (still a BOY)
Status: Desperate
Reason: a need to break into the hollywood market, to be famous and popular

Caution: Though he will definitely not cry when he sees you, he will instead hug and welcome you, you will have torestraint him from being like Electra and Oedipus. I'm sure you guys know who they are right since you've been in epic films before- BP: Troy, AJ: Alexender. He would either wana kill Angelina to get Brad, or kill Brad to get Angelina (he's...part of the unique species of mankind...get the picture?) Or the rest of his siblings and be the only heir.

If you are interested, please drop me an email or leave a message on my tagbox. It's nice doing business with you. =)

PS: (not to be read by Brangelina) It bothers me a little that the couple is adopting children when they are perfectly well to conceive. Yes I understand that they wanna help underprivileged children from third world countries but why only 3 of them? I don't know if they run an orphanage, I think they do. One in Ethiopia (read it somewhere. I know that Oprah does run one in Africa, not too sure about them. Can someone help me counter check? Thank you.).

Either way, I think that if they want to help underprivileged children adopting them is not the only means. It's unfair to the rest who share the same aspiration- to be adopted by wealthy families who are able to give them a better life than they are having now. Wouldn't you agree? However, if it's for the sake of adopting, for fun, and it would be logical to adopt children who are deprived of many advantages then I guess it's ok. I think this is what they are thinking, hopefully.

However, I will support Bono's effort. I find his sincere effort worth my attetion and money. At least he started a campaign that will benefit more children, and even adults. As his is a larger scale project, it does explain the media coverage. Not only because it is worth announcing to the public but also it needs the publicity. I can understand and accept the media hyping. But hyping over the adoption of Pax Thien? It's no wonder Jolie has the right to express her disappointment in a recent interview; and I share her views.

I know that the pair do not seek publicity, but the media is just k-po and thirsty for news- as if stories about Danial Radcliffe being in an adult play and Paris and Britney are not enough. By the way, where's the Hilton?

PPS: (also to not be read by Brangelina) Ok sorry to digress.'s a wonder why Brangelina wanna adopt when she can conceive...wait, can she? Haiya I suppose all those stunts she did taught her the meaning of pain afterall. I mean she was shoved, pushed, kicked, punched, thrown in Mr and Mrs Smith before having sex. Ouch is right. Or is it because she don't wanna be deprived of any movie offer, whatever la hor. It's ok. Still all the best to the two of them, let us pray. (obserev a moment of silence)

With love from me to you, won't you say you love me too?!
Love y'all. Muakz!

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