Friday, 6 April 2007

I feel whorable


Yes, guilt. I feel guilty for lusting. I feel guilty eating at night. I feel guilt selling myself. I feel guilty giving in to temptation. No, I'm still a virgin. I just feel a whole sense of guilt. I guess this is what it feels to be a whore.


I don't quite know the source of my guilt. It just conjure, suddenly. Am I guilty for lying? But the again everyone lies. Am I guilty for visiting those sites? Maybe. But why now? Am I guilty for being insolent? Maybe. Just guilty.


A powerful feeling. A feeling that can make you fel very bad about yourself. A feeling that will linger. A feeling that will make you feel repentent. A feeling that drags other feelings with it. It comes with a package. You have it, you will bear with its friends.

Why do I feel guilty? Have I betrayed someone? Have I killed someone? Have I been mean? Have I been ungrateful? Have I...? Have I...? Have I...? I don't know. I really don't.

Why do I feel guilty? Why am I guilty? Am I? But for what reason? Can someone please tell me...

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Anonymous said...

r u christian? no no, it's ok, it's ok!! it's... ok... (don't want to add more guilt...). But concerning the 'virgin': why don't you try the immaculate thing with an angel on top...? lemme know how it went!
(advice posted by atreus, hugs!)